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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Yippee! Housing opened for Fanime!

So after waiting FOREVER for the housing link to work on Fanime's site I decided to check out the forums. Turns out they posted a link on there under "Housing and Facilities" on the 11th of this that takes you to a different page that you can actually BOOK a room on to get the discount. As soon as I saw it I posted it on my cosplay group's forum and we got the room. (Yeah, we have a forum because there's 9 people in the group and it keeps us organized).

I'm pretty excited, everything except transportation has been worked out for our trip. Luckily it is only 2 hours from here, unlike AX which is almost 5 hours. ;/ Ahh...but I do love AX!!!

So far we're still doing our Odin Sphere group but the other two groups (Twilight Princess & Persona) have less people because some of us dropped out of one or the other. Our Odin Sphere group will have 8 people in it...we'll be a gathering in itself XD!

n__n Oh, I ALMOST worked on Mercedes' flower tiara today but got distracted by my fiance. He's going to help me with her weapon. I'm really happy about it! It's nice to know he somewhat cares for what I love...and willing to help! I will some how get him to cosplay...eventually. He's just anti-social and hates cameras. XD Ahhh I love my weirdo, he treats me so well and lovingly....My birthday present is my trip to Fanime! Then I get married the next month and moooove. Crazy eh? Yeah. Crazy O.O

Welllll I think I will try to go work on some of my cosplay stuff!!! I need to...I have wedding planning to do before June so I need to NOT wait last minute -_-; I want to finish my costumes..

Like my little fan buttons on the side of my page? :] I'm thinking of changing my banner too..but I love Ike and Sheik soo much!!! X.X I R SHEIK. Robby should be Ike. Teehee.