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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Ayame Sohma Prog 1-6-09

I finished my pants for Ayame today. I kept messing up though so it took a while but now they look nice! ^~^ I also worked on the jacket. It's almost done...I just need to finish sewing on the buttons and adding white along the collar and sleeve cuffs. I didn't finish because I went to a party that was held for my Uncle's birthday.... We played boardgames all night and it got pretty intense. I love my family XD

I'd say I'm about 90% done with my Ayame cosplay. Pretty easy cosplay though.....but it'll be really fun being one of my favorite male characters. :D!! THAT's what matters. to go......bye! (Sorry for no pictures....well aside from the crazy one at the top. XD)