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Monday, January 25, 2010

Do you hear them...the voices?

...Cause if you do. You should get that checked out ;)

Heheeeeeeee...MWUAHAHA. Ahem, anyway. How are all of you? Good I hope? (Or do I hope? ;D) Heh. In anycase most of today was lousy...I'm having to pack crap for three different reasons.

Said Reasons:
- Dad is moving to another place at the end of Feb but I will be in Texas all of Feb so this week is my last week to do it all!
-AOD is this weekend, got to pack costumes
-Texas trip...leaving next Tuesday EARLY in the frickin' morning.

Yeah. I'm all sore and tired of it, but I mean...what can ya do! I want to get my packing done tomorrow and then I'll have Wednesday and Thursday to do the other packing and work on Fanime projects (cause I'll be busy in TX..)

Ahh, so progress? I mentioned some in my video~