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Thursday, December 31, 2009


So I just got back a while ago from watching the movie AVATAR with Robby. I have to say I haven't seen a movie that I enjoyed that much for quite some time. I really liked it and it was such an enjoyment to watch. Very beautiful creatures and also some creepy ones too. :3 I kept noticing the details of the clothing designs the Na'vi (Blue people) would be wearing. It would be fun to cosplay as them if...I had a body like theirs and was about 9ft+ in height? =P

I recommend anyone who is into Sci-Fi or action to go see this movie... or if you simply want to see a good movie. :D

Anyway...that's all for tonight. My feet stink...I need to take a shower. D:



Wednesday, December 30, 2009

EOY 2009: The Idol M@ster’s day

And so all of you should already know, along with 5 other fabulous ladies, I cosplayed as Makoto Kikuchi from Idol M@ster during EOY 2009. This entry shall document the tedious day we had and my opinions of the event.

As yours truly is a lousy costumer and procrastinator, I only managed to finished the costume around 4am plus. After that, I bathed, packed my stuffs and slept at around 6am=_=. And I’m sure I wasn’t the only one. Ringo darling was on MSN with me too lol. We are such pathetic “Idols”  LOL

I knew I wasn’t going to get anything to fill my tummy the rest of the day so on my way over I bought an Old Chang kee Spring Roll and a Grande Mocha frappe with whipped cream and caramel drizzle from Starbucks :D. Need all the sugar for the rest of the day man!

So we reached the event hall at around 11+am. Squeezed out way through the crowd and got in to our dressing room. Idols have to look gorgeous right? So we spent the next 2 hours preeming ourselves up. The dressing room had fabulous mirror and lighting but the professional lights around the mirror also made the dressing room uncomfortably hot!

And 2hours before our allocated performance time we were told that we have to go on stage in 5 mins. Read my rant here.

Cutting back to the chronicles of that day. We were basically stuffed/trapped inside the dressing room all the way from the time we reached till the end of our performance.  We tried to practise our dance inside the dressing room and it was a pretty funny trial because it was just sooooo crammed! We kept banging into the walls or kicking our luggage.

Anyway, here’s a videos of us before we went on stage !


If you missed our performance, here’s an upload by Valefor !!


Our blood and sweat for near 2 months, over in 5minutes.  And blahhhh I screwed up so much on stage!!! Oh wells… the stage nerves always gets to me =(

The dance took us quite some time to prepare and get used to. We had originally wanted to only dance one song but since we had a bit more time, we decided to up the challenge and do a short medley. Kami Sama no Birthday (the first song) ahd some really weird footsteps and it took us forever to get it right.

We started off pretty hilariously and it took quite some effort to get to the stage we were. But thankfully for us, the dance steps this time round were much easier as compared to our Cosfest full team dancing to a full and compact 6 minute medley.

Our cosfest performance.

After our performance we finally got the chance to GET OUT !!!!!! But being in a group of red & white combination meant we stood out quite a fair bit. And after we went out, the photo request kept coming…

But we met a real Idol M@ster fan though! He cosplayed as P-San and even had the profiles of each girls print out on a file! How cool xD!

Sorry i don’t remember who took this photo =X


And yes, if you were wondering, that IS the original music playing at the event hall. I did not add any additional music. So this is the music the people outside the auditorium were listening to while watching the competition projected on the screen=_=. How…… epic.

Then it was time for some photo shooting session! We went back into the dressing room and had our shoot there.


Yuanie as Chihaya and Kaika as Makoto


The idols getting ready before they go on stage!

Bleh… I look fat.


Jia-er as Haruka and Ringo as Ritsuko


Hoshi as the 200% genki Yayoi!


Naughty Yayoi decides to try on Ritsuko’s glasses while she borrows Makoto’s comb.


Yayoi got ready faster than everyone else and is bored to death waiting. Chihaya the ever kind soul decides to help the hopeless Makoto with her makeup. Can’t have an idol who isn’t flawless yeah? But where is Yukiho??


Ah there she is. The terrible crybaby is smiling this time =)

Noshuu as Yukiho

To be honest, shooting inside the dressing was tiring and HOT! As I’ve mentioned before, those professional mirror lights were emitting too much heat. And even with the air conditioning it was hard to bear! But lovely lights are lovely….for lovely photos we will persevere TT_TT !!!!!

Got bored and whipped my camera out when I’m not in front of the camera.


We then decided we would like to go to level one and maybe find a suitable spot to re-dance our dance and film it proper down.  But time was up and we got called back again, apparently it was time for the results to be announced.

Luckily for us, Yui Makino’s session was just before the results announcement so when we were on our way to the stage we met her and got a picture xD!

And please don’t ask me about her (Yui Makino). I seriously can’t remember much about the encounter !! Probably because she got led off by her manager also immediately and we had to rush back to the backstage.

LUCKY XD !!!!!

We took a bit more pictures and filmed our dance at one of the empty rooms then half of the girls changed out because they had other commitments. What a pity! Once again, our team seemed destined to roam the event halls fragmented @_@;;

Anyway, after Ringo, jia-er and Hoshi changed out. Yuanie and I decided to go out and experience the event while Noshuu went back to her booth!  So yeap, that’s where I finally got the chance to do some paparazzi work!


Okay, I’m coming to my overall impression and comments on the event. I really can’t say much about the actual event on the actual day because I really haven’t had much chance to experience it. Being part of a competition and doing a performance for it really took up a lot of time.

But I do have something to say as a competitor who went through the rehearsals and auditions.

Firstly, I think the organiser did a great job getting the stage. Which is definitely wayyyy better than the stage we had at expo. The lights and sound quality were incomparable but the stage with the musical equipments were kinda crammed. If it was bad for us who had a team of 6, I can’t imagine how things had been for the Guilty Gear XX team (who had nearly 30!). Still, gotta love the “stagey” lightings and sound.

I’m sure the musicians loved it. Well, at least I liked the photos taken on it even though I didn’t enjoyed performing on it xD


Secondly, coming back to the displeasure regarding the pushing forward of our performance as I mentioned above and here. According to the organiser’s reply in one of the forum threads, we were supposed to be ready 2 hours in advance. Well, I double checked the website (basecamp) where we were all supposed to get our information from and the only indication of that was the Event Programme Plan.

At the top left hand corner, it wrote “ Call Time: 2 hours before performance”. I had to google what is “Call Time” =__= 

Just my honest feedback to the organisers, please try to remember that we are amateur cosplayers, I don’t even want to use the word ‘performers’ because even though we cosplay and attract attention, some of us are really not ‘performers’. I appreciate the organiser’s effort to carry out the event in a more professional manner but do try to understand most of us don’t have that professional performing experience and background. And, we don’t get anything back for performing, except for the competing cosplayers.

We not only have to juggle our own school/work life, we also have to rush out our costumes, plan our performance and practise for it, time is very tight. The level of concentration we are able to put in really shouldn’t be compared to the paid professional.

I understand the organisers deems everything on stage as a performance and even competing cosplays should rehearse. I can totally agree with it for the singing and dancing performance since audio tuning and stage arrangement all needed to be sorted out. But Cosplay rehearsals?

For the group cosplays this year, 3 out of 4 teams were doing some sort of dance routine (out of pure coincidence haha!) so the rehearsals seemed more appropriate. But not all Cosplays dance, get what I mean =/ ?

I appreciate the chance for us to rehearse this year because we needed it. But I suggest the organisers keep the rehearsal for the Cosplay competitors optional. If a groups feels that they needed the rehearsals, they can request to join in the rehearsals (for the singers, dancers and bands). For those who don’t, well, they can go home and rush their props/costumes/wigs/whatever. 

Adding some pictures because its getting too wordy.

Of course that said, I must also applaud the organiser for everything they have done. I really appreciate how they really tried their best to make things as comfy as possible for the performers and competitors. I don’t know about the solo competitors really, so I’m just speaking based on my own experience.



Well, the organisers catered food and drinks for us which is a first for me/us. I really appreciated it even though it was just Mac Donalds. But hey, 50 burgers and fries meant a few hundreds spent alright?  Though next year, if they still wanna cater, please prepare more food for the actual day xD. Late comers to the Green Room (the room where lunch was kept) like the Idol M@ster team had literally, nothing left to nibble. Not their fault though of course. Just commenting =X

The wife of the organiser even offered to do our make up for us. Not only is she pretty, she’s nice too =)

EOY_0075 Isn’t she just lovely?? Erm no, she’s not Tim’s wife lah

Also, I think the instructions communicated to the performers (gonna merge all the singers, bands, cosplayers into one category) should be kept simple. Of course, that doesn’t mean essential information should be left out but yeah, keep the instructions and information given out short and sweet.

We don’t need to know when the birthday cake should come out on stage and we definitely don’t need to know the contact number of every performers (at least their team leader lah) !!!!!!

I understand the organisers want a single point of contact for dissembling of information among their working committee and the performers. But sharing information that is unnecessary , unrelated and private to non committee member is not only unprofessional and confusing. It is also a lack of respect for the individual’s privacy. I know I sound like a bit*h for harping on this but no offence meant. I really just want to bring the importance of this point forward.  


I had previously emailed the organiser regarding this. They had initially plastered the performer’s name and contact number on Basecamp which startled and puzzled me. I requested for them to take it down since the mobile numbers are not necessary for informing the performers of their performance timing. To which, the organiser gave me a very prompt reply and took action immediately (took the numbers down).I was thankful for that but I didn’t know the Programme plan had the numbers inside as well *palms forehead*   

Yes, the organisers very kindly explained to me that having the mobile numbers on Basecamp is for easier sharing of information to his team and that Basecamp is a secured website , password protected , invites only and almost spybots proof.

event mobile copy Anyone wanna be friends with the pretty emcee xD ????  Just Kiddin =X!

The spybots were the last on my list. It’s the humans I’m worried about. I don’t mean to be rude or in any way implying any of the team/performers/cosplayers etc would do something as low as disseminating the numbers. But trust should not be handled lightly.  Privacy is often negotiated because someone trusts someone but then that someone trusts someone else too and then the wall of privacy crumbles. Very easily.

And yeah, back to the point about distributing information. Many teams who came for the rehearsal on the 23rd Dec had to wait in vain on level 5 because clear information was not communicated to them. At least 2 teams were stuck waiting there for an hour before they messaged one of our team member and rushed down to level 3. 

If anyone’s wondering how the Idol M@ster team knew the rehearsal was at Level 3 that’s because we are psychic Hahaahhahahaha!!!!  No lah, one of our teammates was studying at the library that afternoon so she had the time to check things out and inform the rest of us. By her own means.

My suggestion is really, just tell the performers/participants what they need to know and nothing more. The rest, just keep it among the organising team. Of course, make sure the right information is communicated lah.



That said, I really do appreciate the organiser’s attempt to use the Basecamp as a single point of contact to  disseminate information to everyone. This initiative indicates a farsighted aspiration. In the long run, it will really help the team to work on this project smoother. Though at this point of time, everyone’s just really trying to get used to it.

Erm last suggestion, maybe what the organisers can do is to limit the viewing permissions of the participant’s account so they only see information related to them. That way, privacy is kept, stage surprises kept secret and participants don’t get confused by too much information.


Chihaya decides to give herself a rosier cheek with more blush while Makoto arranges her Santa hat.


Overall, I think the organisers did a good job with the event especially if this was their first time. It is by far, one of the most professional cosplay events I’ve attended and am proud to be part of. The location was central and had a nice ambience though it was wayyyyyyy too small.

Yes, yes, I hear all of you forumers complaining. And yes, to be honest, if they hold it at the same location again and asks for the same entrance dollar, I might really consider long and hard whether to fork the money out or not. A better and more spacious location is in dire need!

If they wanna keep it at the same location, well, it’s not impossible either, just slash the entrance tix. That should shut some mouth =)

OH YES! lasssst comment, I promise! Please, if the auditorium can’t allow everyone to go in, then at least give the projectors outside live audio feed!!!

Like what some forumers mentioned, in such events where self entertainment and Cosplay competition is the main highlight. You need to cover the logistics for the first element (space) and make sharing of the second element accessible to everyone!

eoy tv

I’m sure the event would have gotten more thumbs up if the live projectors had live audio feed. Singaporeans are not that picky. If we can’t get the actual thing, we don’t mind cheering in front of some flat screen either. Look at the crowd gathering around those sets!

Live feeds will also help the generic event goers feel more in sync with the entire schedule of the event. SOme forumers commented that they felt the interaction with the crowd this year was missing. I suspect this has something to do with it.

Alright this has been a long long post again. Took me so much time to get everything together, hope you guys enjoyed reading it. Leave me a comment and tell me how you felt about the event ok? Slaved over this entry long enough to bake 3 cakes.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Costume Process: Makoto Kikuchi!

Yo~ I had initially wrote this entry to be posted on my personal blog to share with my friends and well…to just generally complain and rant about this costume. but I thought since I’ve already written it and it is Cosplay related, why not share it here?

The costume was a jam pack 5 day’s HARD WORK! I’d say other than Luneth (FF3), this costume has got to be my worse nightmare ever. I had thought making the costume was gonna be easy since it looks simple enough. But I was SO WRONG!!!!! Argh! NEVER underestimate a 2d costume!


First stage of costuming. Dissecting the costume on paper. I highly recommend every new cosplayer to do this because getting your idea out from your brain and on paper really allows you to take a step back and analyse the costume better.

20122009208Wearing the paper draft 

The weird shape and cutting of the top really daunted me a lot but after getting over the initial phobia I managed to come down to a basic one piece dress draft.

I’m wearing the paper draft on the photo above.YEs, I’m a lazy pig so I only do half of the draft (half of the costume, literally) and stick it on myself. Not exactly the best method for a tight fitted costume. Because my costume came out too loose and I had to do a lot of alterations =_=;;;


At this stage the costume really looks like some traditional Chinese undergarment ahhahaa.



And for the first time in my costuming life, I actually burnt a hole in my costume. Great work kaika. I tuned the iron to the highest setting because I was impatient and the iron only took 1 second to scorched the fabric.

Thank goodness for me, it was burnt at the extra portions and I could cut it away easily. Otherwise I might really have just thrown in the towel and call quits.

Yeay! basic top done!

The white bias at the bottom look innocent enough but they gave me a lot of trouble too. *shakes head* I guess this really shows how poor my costuming/dressmaking skills are =\

The gloves were the next thing to give me yet another headache. Yes, I made the gloves too because I was too cheapo and didn’t wanna buy them . And also because Makoto’s gloves were extra long and had this outturning effect on the top which store bought gloves didn’t have.

28122009282My glove pattern. Yeap, on paper again xD

Wasted some good lycra on a glove that didn’t work out and was way too tight =\ But lesson learnt, I gave it more allowance for the next trial and thankfully things worked out better T_T. But I forgot to draft the outturning effect thingy on the gloves so they came out really straight and boring and……un-makotoish. Got me pretty depressed =\



Had intended to ignore that flaw and just wear it the way it is but……… after much deliberations, I decided to push my limits and continued to make some improvements to it. If you’re a cosplayer who sews your own costume, you’ll understand how I felt. This horrendous feeling of screw up and how you just feel like you just stabbed your own butt with a chopstick because you are soooooo going to be a cosfu*k because of that little error/flaw.

The next big headache was the 2 holes by the side. They are soooooooooo awkwardly placed, I really squeezed my brain dry trying to figure out how I can sew it nicely and not have it show stuffs that was not meant to. If I placed it too high, it’d show my bra, if I placed them too low, they show the skirt band =_=


Trying on the costume with a fake pocket flap and fake side holes XD. Both are made of paper and stuck on with tape.Was trying to figure out where would be an appropriate place to sew them. I always do this to give myself a vision of the end product so I know how to work towards it.

One of the process I dread most in costuming is wearing and taking out the costume x 9892843474 times. It’s just such a bothersome and repetive task=_=!


Finally got pass the holes!

I’m not really pleased with the final product though. Sigh, I wish I gave the collar design a longer and ‘droopier’ tail. I’m sure it’d make the entire costume classier. And argh don’t get me started on my ghetto tie…..

And the end product below!


EOY_0177   EOY_0220

Special thanks to Yuanie for lending me her wig and for helping me soooo much on the day itself.

I love having helpful teammates. Everyone helped so much its very touching *sniffs* T_T And I guess its really this humane spirit that makes me keep coming back to Cosplay. I’m really glad cosplay has allowed me to meet such lovely people =)

Monday, December 28, 2009

....Time goes by fast!

It's already the end of December...Christmas is over and New Years Eve is this Thursday! Time sure has gone by fast. I can't believe Robby has to leave this Saturday. :[ I will be visiting him in February but still...I wish he could stay a bit longer but his ID expires on Sunday so he has to go home before he's unable to use it.

I'm just sitting on my couch in the livingroom right now and he's next to me on his laptop, eating the last corn dog I cooked up for him.

Cosplay update? There's nothing new! Sad, I know....but I did get a JoAnn's giftcard so I am happy about that. Robby offered to buy me fabric but I don't think I will have him get me any. He has spoiled me enough.. >.<; I did get a pic from Kay-chan though of her in her top for her Shigure cosplay. I'm pretty excited! I am definitely looking forward to that even more now.

....I feel kind of tired and I keep coughing. My cold has been gone but I've had an annoying cough lately. It's not so bad now but it's still annoying! :P

Anyway...I think I will go for now. I am sorry my posts have been lame...they will get exciting once I'm not so distracted by my fiance ^^;; Don't stop following (T__T);

WiiResort is really fun!! :O I also got Harvest Moon: Animal Parade... It's like an upgraded version of HM:Tree of Tranquility.


EOY 2009: With the War of Genesis Team!

Wheeee~ I promised a video of them and here it is!!!

The team is just SO CUTE, spontaneous and hyperactive!! Hurhur congratulations to them for winning the prize. They have practised long and hard for this and kudos to their perseverance. Through screwed up tailors and hours of dance practises!


Oh! If you missed their performance, here’s an upload of their video xD

Don’t you love those booty moves xD??

Random Cosplay Tip #2: Ziplock Storage

This is probably nothing new to most cosplayers but I’m still gonna share XD

Aug09 008

So everyone loves ziplock and so should Cosplayers with our dainty costumes, intricate props and 14893478945623 tiny parts=_=. Putting them into individual bags and then storing them into a big ziplock is an awesome way to make sure you won’t have to flip your entire house over when you want to wear that costume.

Aug09 013

Oh, and I realise they can also double as some sort of compressor bag :D. Here’s my Makoto Kikuchi costume nicely packed with the earrings, badges and Styrofoam stars in their individual packs.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

EOY 09 Videos!

Alright…not all of the videos. Just 2 random videos I took of our beloved Dan. Dan was cosplaying as Koutake Haruki from the manga di[e]ce.

Can’t believe I forgot to take pictures of her in her lovely costume! Her costume was really well made and she looked very bishie in it :D See how we forced her to be out-of-character and dance to a very familiar tune below xD



And then Dan got pissed off and decided to take revenge on me by doing this.....


Don’t ask me how I allowed it to happen |||| oTL

EOY 2009 (Camwhore pimps!)

Alrighhtttt after 11hours of sleep I’m all charged up and ready to do something here :D !!

EOY the event itself…..honestly made me felt like I hadn’t joined any at all >.< Probably because of the fact that we were participating in the cosplay competitions and were stuck backstage most of the time. Plus the fact that we had our own team photoshoot so the amount of time left for me to enjoy the event was pretty miserable haha.

And the fact that the event area was so fragmented made it even more difficult for us to interact with our friends. Not to mention those who were stuck outside didn’t managed to fully experience our performance either because the projectors didn’t have live audio feeds faints*. So this was one event that I felt I met the least familiar faces =(

Nonetheless, I’m glad I persevered and insisted on going out to tour the event after we were done with our photoshoot. This entry shall be a compilation of the camwhore journey I had xDD. Hope you guys will enjoy it :D??



With Xiao Bai! Very adorable xD


With our evil minister Dan the Farmer.


Our lovely Xrys . I forgot to camwhore with Sakana! 


With Ygin and Yuanie! Gin was our dance choreographer!  Super thankies to otosan for alll her help and support!!


I met her backstage . She was taking a picture with Yui makino before we came in. Very cute girl =) She introduced herself as a follower of my lousy youtube channel. Very touched T_T. I’m sure I’ve seen her before at one of the previous events…but I can’t recall her name T_T


With Jaclyn. She’s so sweet, she gave me/us candies! Look! Its clover patterned plastic bag xD. Girl you really should come back and cosplay !



With Sakurazaki =3 She changed out already.


With the lovely Suki Luna. She gave me xmas pressie too! So cute of her ;_; *sniffs*


With yumi cosplaying as a character from War of Genesis. Congrats again to their team for nabbing the grand prize! LOveeee those booty shaking xDDD



With DD. She look like a monkey lah!!! AHAHHAHAHA


Cat Monkey xD


With Meian. I met her at Bugis Junction’s toilet. I was on my way out and she was on her way in! What coincidence!

My Xmas gifts take back from the event! There were so many sweeties at the event this year, giving out xmas goodie bags. I was a little disappointed that I couldn’t give out the xmas goodie bags as I had hoped. I was intending to make caramel popcorn (I even bought the ingredients!) but I simply had no time to do any cooking T_T.

And I can’t believe how pathetically small my camwhore archive is this year. Felt like I haven’t got the chance to mingle with my friends as much as I wanted to. Oh wells, I guess I’ll just have to catch up with them at the next event; Soy’b’ 2010.

Oh, by the way, Look out for more information about Soy’b’s cosplay competition  here at TCC. The committee members of Soy’b’ kindly gave us permission to disseminate information here on our blog so yeap, look forward hokay?

Saturday, December 26, 2009

End.Of.Year 2009 (Photo Pimp!)

OMG! It’s OVER!!! Like, FINALLY! No more costume rushing and no more sleepless nights! NOW, the holiday really kicks in for us Singapore cosplayers.

I’m gonna make a new benchmark for myself by posting event pics on the day itself! (Okay fine, so I missed the day)

As our Idol M@ster team were joining the group competition, and scheduled to perform at 2:35pm. We were required to report by 12. And so I reached the event hall around 11:30am. I was expecting the event hall to be almost empty but I was so wrong! By 11:30am, the event hall were already flooding with people!

I managed to squeezed my way through to the backstage dressing room. Met up with Yuanie and begun the tedious “Cosplay” transformation. You know, sometimes the part I absolutely HATE most in cosplay is doing the make up. It just stresses me out SO MUCH because I know exactly how important having a flawless make up is for cosplay and doing the fake lashes never fails to daunts me.

The other ‘idols’ slowly tottered in one after another and we went into a frenzy of preparations haha. The other iMas girls had only just arrived for 15minutes when we received a call from one of the backstage crew. Telling us we were up next =_=|||


WHAT. THE. HELL ?!?!?!?!?!?!???????


No offence and sorry for the slightly strong language. But srsly?!

We were scheduled at the 2:35pm slot and now they want to push everything forward by 2 WHOLE HOURS ?! I usually take an hour on make up alone and most of the other girls have only just arrived! It’s impossible for us to be ready by … 5minutes ?!

Imagine the ruckus it stirred up backstage =_=U. Honestly, I don’t think any of the other Cosplay competing groups were ready yet.

We were almost ready to forsake the competition all together since our discussion with the backstage crew member was getting quite heated up (phone argument haha xD). I got to say it really dampened our spirit quite a bit at that period and the performance just seemed so pointless already!

I remember asking the guy on the other end of the phone whether the event would run into a risk of overrunning if we were to go by the old schedule (the 2.35pm one). Because if the event won’t run into the risk of overrunning, I really don’t see why they should be so uptight about “Under-running”. And then this boy started going on and on about the fact that now they are ‘Under-Running’ and I should speak to Tim because he is the one who planned the schedule and if we can’t accommodate the schedule change (may I highlight, a very abrupt change), they might have to drop us. Great.

The one sentence he spoke that really pulled the claws out from me was … but it’s not our fault that the event under- run”. Nice one kid.

Of course, being the devil I am, I didn’t hold back either and lashed back. Kinda regret my behavior though =\  Even though his attitude and speech was inappropriate but looking at things from his shoes, it’s not his fault either that he had to be tasked with the shitty job of passing the bad news.

That said though, he really has to buck up in his people skill =X

Alright, end of epic backstage saga rant. On to the pictures!!!!!!!!!!!










Why did my master left me on the floor *sobs*







Very cute teddy =3. I think he belonged to the Rozen maiden Cosplayers



Kawaii Ringo as Ritsuko Akizuki with P-San!

It was really funny and cool to see someone cosplay P-san! He even had a file with the idols’s profile printed out!!  But his stocking mask looks horribly uncomfortable =( Poor him.


# Persona 4.

P1090812 P1090813

Prince of Tennis !



Hecate from Shakugan no Shana! I think she’s the first Hecate Cosplayer I’ve seen in Singapore! Wootss to SnS fandom!!!





He (I assume its a he inside) was very cute hahah! Who can resist mascots???


Myself with the War of Genesis Team and the winner of this year’s Group Cosplay competition. Their performance totally rocked the house down (love those booty shakes xD). Go youtube it or something if you didn’t get to see it !

I totally stalked them as soon as we got off stage! HURHURHURHUR Paparazzi power xD. Their entire team was so cute and humble and I took a lot of videos of them. Stay tuned to watch them speak incorrigible korean. Freakin funny lah xDDDD!

And yes, I look stupid here, I know =_=


Close up of their costume! 

P1090858CHIBI SASUKE AND IRUKA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *squeals*

And I’m guessing the pretty lady behind them is cosplaying Hitman Reborn ….anyone care to enlighten me ? My first gut guess was Death Note but she shook her head xD. Kaika fails.

Edit: apparently the pretty lady is cosplaying as Dino from Katekyo Hitman Reborn.


I saw her from far and went over melodramatically haha! I think I stunned her a little.

I’ve never read CLOVER by CLAMP before but Su’s metallic wings have always fascinated me. And *cough*, the title of the series is just irresistible to me (I love Clovers =X )



Her metallic bird companion was really nicely made too =) I love how sturdy the wings are. Both hers and the bird’s xD



I look like some random stalker =_=U



Inuran  as this main heroine from a doujin game who’s title and name escapes my memory!!! Someone help me out here!!

And of course, that’s Yuanie cosplaying as Chihaya from Idol M@ster. 

 EDIT: Inuran is cosplayign as Hakurei Reimu from The Touhou series. Thanks for the info!


Guilty Gear XX. So nostalgic! And they made the costumes themselves, very admirable =)

I’m sorry the picture turned out so grainy and blur. The lights were going low and the area was just not meant to take photos in.  Lovely cosplayers though =)

There was an ABA cosplayer lingering around too and I had wanted to take her photos too but she seemed a little busy=/



Elizabeth, Ciel and Ran Mao


I think the elizabeth has such a cuteeeee smile =X

All 3 of them looks really cute and young hahha. And that’s definitely a compliment :P


P1090895 P1090896

Bishie Suzaku and Lelouch from Code Geass. A pity their C.C left early.

I like suzaku’s wig, very voluminous and has the ‘windy + slight curl’ effect Suzaku has.



Ciel and Sebastian from Kuroshitsuji



DDTenka cosplaying as……………………………………… a magenta cheshire neko.


Okay fine, I don’t know who she’s cosplaying lah=_=. Someone help me out here please……………

 Edit: DDtenka cosplaying as Boris from Heart no Kuni no Alice. Thanks for the info!


P1090914 P1090915 P1090917

Pretty Yuna  from Final Fantasy X. Its definitely a nostalgic costume/cosplay to see around =)



P1090922 P1090924

Spot the difference xD!

Initially I thought he was cosplaying as some alternate cousins fromt he Katamari darmacy. But he told me he was cosplaying as a character from Sengoku Basara haha.

The colorus are really that vivid =)



Also a character from Sengoku Basara (lemme know if I’m wrong). I’m really amazed by the strawman thingy and it kinda excites me because… reminds me of Skip Beat! =X



Okay, that’s a longggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg photo pimp entry. Hope I haven’t killed too much bandwidth. 

Look forward to my next entry about our Idol Master journey. Behold the teaser pic below (hey it rhythms)  !!!



With Yui Makino :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D