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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hetalia: Axis Powers: America

hetalia: axis powers cosplay - america

Energetic and headstrong, America was raised by England who later fights for his own independence. He is the self-proclaimed leader of the Allied Forces but his ideas for solving international problems are often absurd. Unfortunately, America also tends to be oblivious to the opinion of others.

Beautiful cosplay! I love the simple yet elegant pose the cosplayer’s done with the American flag around her. Thanks to T.J. for sending this in!

EDIT: Thanks to ~Lsine for finding my blog and letting me know this is her cosplay!

BLAB! at Asia Cosplay Meet

I like the female host. A lot. I think I'm in love!

Styling Ame-Warashi's Wig

To get Ame-Warashi's hairstyle I decided to get a wig. Since I had no idea how to make my own hair that style and the idea of colouring it light blue wasn't that appealing. 

This page is from were Ame-Warashi shows up the second time in the manga, and yes, I am going to make that outfit too since it's so good looking. I love it. Anyway here you can see that her hair is coloured blue in the manga, and not red as in the anime. I wonder why they even did that, it's too different colours, and I think blue fits a rain-maker more than red. But enough of the rambling.

I started and ended my search for a wig at In the end I thought a wig styled for Miku Hatsune would be a good start, so I search out the bluest I could find and tried to make sure that it would be in good quality. The rewiev of the wig can be found here: Charissa-KIDS @

Unfortunate I don't have that many photos of how I styled the wig. But I will try to explain it in words. First I cut the bang, so I could see what I was doing vile wearing the wig. It was done messy so I could get an idea of how long it would be and figure out how much of the wig that was going to be in the side curls. 

This is were it started to get into real styling. I was going to make a straight wig into curls. I started to read on styling wigs on the internet and different forums to get an idea of what to do and decided that the hot-water-styling-method would be easiest and hopefully not damage the whole wig. So I bought myself some curling rollers in plastic and rolled up the fibres on them. Then I boiled some water and prepared a bowl that could handle the hot water. 

Then I placed the part of the wig that was rolled up in the bowl and pour the hot water on it. I had let the water cool a bit, so that the fibres wouldn't be destroyed. After a few minutes I took up the wig and let it cool down and dry over night. It is important that the wig cools down and dry before the rollers are removed, otherwise the fibres can loose it's shape.

In the morning I trimmed the rest of the wig shorter and it looked something like this, note that I was really tired when I took these: 

My friends told me that I looked like France and England's lovechild without the clips, and I kinda agree with them. That is if you have been watching Hetalia Axel Power, then you would maybe agree as well. :D

I got help by a friend to cut of the length of the clips. She first cut of a bit of the length and then trimmed the clips a bit thinner so that they would not be so thick. She also trimmed the rest of the wig a bit better.

And the finished results is here. Photo by David Rhodin



Honestly…. tell me exactly what’s wrong here xD? Click here to visit the page.




I seriously pity Reiko LOL!!!!! I am highly amused!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

RG Veda: Kendappa-O

rg veda cosplay - queen of kendappa - kendappa-oThe queen of the Kendappa tribe, Kendappa-O serves as the royal musician and is one of the prophesized Six Stars. As the rest of the Stars gathered together to overthrow the treacherous reign of Taishakuten, it is revealed that Kendappa-O is Taishakuten’s shitenno, Jikokuten, the shitenno and bushinsho of the East. She believes that Taishakuten is the strongest person in Heaven and swore herself to his service when she was just a small child.

Beautiful cosplay by ~missdeliri! As usual, photographer *hexlord has done a wonderful job! Thanks to Megan for sending this in!

Pacquaio and Mayweather Showdown

While this is the song that best suits the Pacquiao-Mayweather match, I think it also fits the meeting of Gamertotoy and Gian face to face. Guys, we want to see you fuck each others' faces (and chin) up really badly!

The backstory

Gamertotoy, the people's champ and the Philippine cosplay scene's voice of reason who thinks pervs like Gian and RG deserve to go to jail for their abuse of minors and the English language, finally wants to bring the Chanemperor's face (and chin) on the floor through fist and fury.

Gian "The Chanemperor" Bacuyag, professional pervographer and bullshitter, finally "mans" up
is hellbent on bringing the people's champ to his knees and prove that you can't keep a good man (and his erection for minors and other weak-minded cosplay girls) down.

It's pretty childish, but heck, I think playing dress up while you're 20-something is too.


Worldwide Cosplayer Photo journey: article status update


Just a short update about the status of the Worldwide Cosplayer Photo journey Project.

Sigh, the item is still listed as “ Despatched to overseas”. It has been reflecting the same status since last week.  With such a massive delay in the shipping process, I’m contemplating some changes to the rules and deadline =\

Monday, June 28, 2010

Granado Espada: Leticia

granado espada / sword of the new world cosplay - leticia

Very little is known about the Premium Item Merchant, Leticia, but players of Granado Espada know her very well. She sells in-game items that cost real money, so you can bet players think about her all the time, especially when they’re deciding whether or not to make a purchase.

I think it would be safe to say she’s from a family of merchants though? Or a family who is into the business.

Cute cosplay! I love her dress, but I wonder what she’s looking at? Thanks to Renae for sending this in!

Cosfest Poll!

I'm feeling tired and braindead. So share with me what you guys think I should do at Cosfest!

World Cup 2010 Wallpaper

World Cup 2010 Wallpaper

Meeting Kipi @ Genting!

So I went for a short short short weekend getaway at Genting Highlands located in Malaysia with a few friends. It was an awesome trip and the cool climate there was such a refreshing relieve from Singapore’s  usual burning.

P1120410 copy
at the malls with arcades and ‘Funland' like stores

On the last day of our trip, we took a cable car ride down hill to visit the ponies and gawk at the awe-inspiring scenery of the highland. And while brisk walking to the cable car area, an unexpected encounter arises!

To my utmost astonishment, I saw a famous Japanese Cosplayer at one of the NeoPrint shop! And she is……..



Yes, the famous japanese cosplayer. Best known for her Suzumiya and Shana and many many moe cosplays!


Pictures credit to Kipi herself and













P1120411 copy

It was totally unexpected. This is taken outside the print shop where I saw her! And took many photos of her without permission =X

Apologies for the poor quality of my camera that refused to work under the low light. I tried my best to photoshop as well as I could but the quality are still pretty shitty u_u Either way, hope you guys will enjoy them!








 P1120412 copy

Kipi 1P1120413 copy

Kipi 2 P1120414 copy

Kipi 3P1120381 copy

So did you guys enjoyed it? HAHAHAHHAA. Apologies for taking photographs without permission. Bad Kaika xD

I seriously wonder how long these photographs have been there. The colour seemed somewhat washed out when i saw it in RL and honestly, how can anyone call Neoprint a ‘Latest Attraction’ ?! That thing has been around for near 2 decades! Old enough to be a teenager by itself!

I wonder how Kipi would feel if she saw this. How would you feel if one fine day, you find your own Cosplay photos printed and plastered on A2 size pillars?

If you ask me, I’d admit, it is a big compliment. BUT I’d also feel greatly displeased to have my hardwork and intellectual property so blatantly USED and EXPLOITED without permission!

Yes, piracy is prevalent and heck,  everyone of us here has in some ways been part of it too by supporting Vocaloid PVs and variety shows on Youtube and downloading scans or Animes etc.

But when things are brought out of the virtual world and into a physical + COMMERCIAL world. I believe we are talking about something on a totally different scale altogether. Of course one might argue that maybe that shop owner is Kipi’s personal friend or have paid her a hefty commission fee. But I frankly doubt.

What do you guys think?

Hi peeps! I'm probably late in linking this but Danny Choo and Alodia fans out there, heads up!

Here's an upload of the 1st episode of Danny Choo's very own Television show, screening on Tokyomxtv. And first Otaku to be featured is *rolls drum*... Alodia Gosiengfiao!

Part 1/3
 Alodia appears somewhere at 3:09

Part 2/3

Part 3/3

The lack of subtitles are really getting to me @_@||| I think I'll just wait for some kind souls to sub it hahaha.


Sunday, June 27, 2010

Gyakuten Saiban: Yahari Masahi

 gyakuten saiban / phoenix wright: ace attorney cosplay - yahari masahi / larry butzWell-known for his unbelievable antics in school, Larry Butz is a childhood friend of Phoenix Wright and Miles Edgeworth. He is a flight-of-fancy character and is quite prone to yelling fits. He’s had several jobs and several girlfriends over the years, but can never seem to keep either one for a long period of time.

Nevertheless, he remains happy with his life, despite finding himself caught between court cases. As the saying goes: “When something smells, it’s usually the Butz.”

Awesome cosplay! It’s too bad the photo is a little blurry, but the cosplayer really got the character down! I wonder if there are any other characters from the series who cosplayed with him? Thanks to Rue for sending this in!

Random Picture of the Day

The sweet taste of statutory rape

Ludicrous_box's Cosplay Meme

I was a bit bored so I found a cosplay meme at ludicrous_box on LiveJournal (Google is your friend sometimes).

Most Accurate Cosplay: Momo Hinamori. My friend said that it sometimes looked as if I walked out of the musical, yeah there is at the moment eight musicals based on the first two arcs in Bleach.

Most Difficult Cosplay: Ame-Warashi and Usagi Tsukino. Ame-Warashi because it was the first time I had to style a wig, that went fine, but I was so nervous. Usagi's costume had so many details. It took me forever just to pin attach the ribbons on the collar.

Easiest Cosplay: Ranka Lee. I had the wig, or a green that fitted, home and sewed the dress in four hours, that is good for being me as I am so slow when sewing.

Most Out Of Character Cosplay: Haruhi Suzumiya. I was really nervous that time and was sitting quiet in a corner, the total opposite of Haruhi.

Most Fun-to-Cosplay: Ame-Warashi and Usagi in split position. I love Ame-Warashi even if people don't recognise her that well to that point that I can hear her complain about my cosplay in my head. No I'm not crazy, I just have a very clear idea about what she would do if someone would call her a spirit or ghost, and not a rain maker. ^^
Usagi was really fun since people did recognise her. I can still remember being stop every tenth meter so that someone could take a photo. And of cause I have always wanted to cosplay her as well.

Sexiest Cosplay: Well, I guess that until now I have for the most part only cosplayed sweet innocent girls. But I am working on Velvet from Odin's Sphere, and she doesn't have that much clothes on. I just have to train up my muscles in my stomacharea first.

Most Comfortable Cosplay: Momo's shinigami suit. I never thought that a costume held together with pins and a waistband could be so comfortable, but it is.

Least Comfortable Cosplay: Unfortunately it's Usagi. That wig keeps crawling up in my neck. Other then the wig it's comfy.

Costume with longest hotelroom prep time: Usagi. I changed in the toilet in UppCon and it took more than a half-hour time. That wig and all the small pieces of costume.

Costume Garment you wear out of costume: Ranka Lee's dress. I love it. I saw someone cosplay her at DA first and thought: what a nice summer dress. And now I use it as that as well.

Favourite Wig/Hairstyle: Momos. I can use my own hair, even thou I have to dye it dark brown. I sometimes uses the bun outside cosplay since it so comfortable. But I also like the wig to Ame-Warashi. The hair on the clips have a tendency to bounces as I walk. :D

Favourite prop: I have had that many prop, since I've been to lazy on that part. But I have the broach to Usagi that my friend made as I tried and succeeded to sew two cosplays in the night before UppCon.

Favourite accessory: Gloves. It's so fun and it really helps me get in character with at least Ame-Warashi.

Ever been in a group cosplay? Yeah. Me and my friends even started one cosplay group called Pinku no Shoulaceu, or just Pink Shoelaces. So far we have cosplayed Bleach in a huge group along with some other cosplay groups.

Ever cosplayed a pairing with someone? No, but I will. Me and a friend of mine is planning a Ciel and Elizabeth-cosplay from Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji.

Pairing support? Qwastanja @ DA

If yes, how steamy? The characters are twelve. It just gets cute. :3

Ever been to a photoshoot? Yes. At UppCon 10, I attended a Bleach photoshoot. We were so many in my group that it was difficult to find room for all in the photos. ^.^
And then I have been to photoshoots that me and my friends have done :D

Ever entered a contest? Yes. I've been taking part in three contest so far.

Ever won an award in a contest? No, it's a real shame. But the winners were truly worth it. ^^

The Costume you'll never finish: Sakura Haruno from Naruto. I started sewing the costume at a chance, but I never really sewed on it for more than one day. And it was pink, not red as in the manga/anime.

The Costume you've always wanted to make: Ame-Warashi. Now I can't wait to get started on my second costume for her. That is so gorgous -drools-

The Costume you'd wear if it weren't for your body type: I always wanted Fai's clothes from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle. But he is so small and tall, and I'm not really that body type.

The Costume that you can't make for lack of money: Madam Red's outfits. I like every one she wears, and yes I am a sucker for the Victorian Era. It's because I want them to be all velvet, since that would fit her. :D

Show us your best cosplay photo:
Shot by CarpeDentum at UppCon 10.

SSX On Tour | PS2

Download - SSX On Tour | PS2» Descrição: A tradicional série de snowboard ganhará uma nova versão e virá com algumas mudanças de conceito. Com os jogos baseados em "manobras" um pouco em baixa, "SSX On Tour" terá forte foco na velocidade, usando de alguns efeitos e mecânica de jogo vindo do premiado "Burnout 3".

Além de snowboards, o jogador também poderá andar de esquis, uma novidade da série. Os cenários novamente devem ser enormes e variados, privilegiando tanto as manobras quanto a velocidade.

Mais uma vez, as manobras possuem mecânica e sistema de pontuação similar à que foi consagrada na série "Tony Hawk's Pro Skater". Os percursos incluem diversos caminhos e alternativas mais secretas, que conferem diversas vantagens ao esquiador.

O esquiador de sofá também terá a oportunidade de criar seu próprio esportista, definindo todas as características de seu avatar, desde seu rosto e o tipo físico, passando pelas roupas e acessórios.

» Informações:
Ano de Lançamento: 2005
Compactação: WinRAR
Idioma: Inglês
Formato: .ISO
Padrão: NTSC
Mídia: DVD

» Download:
Parte 01 - Parte 02

Gungrave | PS2

Download - Gungrave | PS2» Descrição: Gungrave é um jogo de PlayStation 2 em terceira pessoa desenvolvido pela Red Entertainment e publicado pela Sega. Gungrave segue o seu personagem principal através de uma série de etapas em um caminho de vingança.
Enquanto o jogo recebeu críticas moderadas, aclamação Gungrave vem do personagem desenhos fornecidos pelo criador da série, Yasuhiro Nightow (Trigun) e projetos mecânicos prestados por Kousuke Fujishima (Oh My Goddess! Série, You’re Under Arrest série , Sakura Wars série). Ambos os respectivos estilos artista ajudou a dar ao jogo uma sensação diferente, que (juntamente com o apoio dos fãs), ajudou a traduzir Gungrave de um jogo de vídeo para uma série anime.

» Informações:
Ano de Lançamento: 2002
Compactação: WinRAR
Idioma: Inglês
Formato: .ISO
Padrão: NTSC
Mídia: DVD

» Download#1:
Parte 01 - Parte 02 - Parte 03 - Parte 04 - Parte 05
Parte 06 - Parte 07 - Parte 08 - Parte 09 - Parte 10

» Download#2:
Parte 01 - Parte 02 - Parte 03 - Parte 04 - Parte 05
Parte 06 - Parte 07 - Parte 08 - Parte 09 - Parte 10

Ruff Trigger: The Vanocore Conspiracy | PS2

Download - Ruff Trigger: The Vanocore Conspiracy | PS2» Descrição: A corporação Vanocore estava preparando um de seus mais promissores produtos para o sistema Tyke: os Piglots. Esses pequenos seres com aparência de porcos seriam o mais perfeito animal de estimação já criado. Mas quando as inúmeras naves carregadas de Piglots são sabotadas e os seres indestrutíveis se espalham pelo planeta Endust, a empresa não pretende ficar de braços cruzados. E aí entre Ruff Trigger.

O mercenário é contratado para recuperar os seres e sua comida, um líquido conhecido apenas como Coisa Verde. Com a ajuda da durona Cecily, ele deve rastrear todos os Piglots em duas áreas do planeta - e descobrir o terrível segredo ao redor da empresa.

Além de controlar os dois personagens, jogadores explorarão três mundos divididos em 20 fases enquanto lutam contra uma série de criaturas hostis.

"Ruff Trigger" oferece um elaborado sistema de combate mano-a-mano, além de uma série de armas que podem ser melhoradas com a experiência ganha matando oponentes. O personagem pode também ingerir a Coisa Verde para se transformar em um poderoso monstro capaz de acabar até com os inimigos mais fortes.

» Informações:
Ano de Lançamento: 2006
Compactação: WinRAR
Idioma: Inglês
Formato: .ISO
Padrão: NTSC
Mídia: DVD

» Download:
Parte 01 - Parte 02 - Parte 03 - Parte 04 - Parte 05
Parte 06 - Parte 07 - Parte 08 - Parte 09 - Parte 10
Parte 11 - Parte 12 - Parte 13 - Parte 14 - Parte 15

Toycon 2010 Group Cosplay Sore Losers

Ok, so this group is whining and bitching because 6 months of their hard work practicing mock fighting like little kids to make fools out of themselves on stage didn't warrant the 50,000 peso grand prize. One member calls it a "magnificent bloodbath" or something, but I see no blood. What I see is a bunch of retarded nerds overexcited about finally getting out of the closet.

Given that the actual winners of the contest were no less pathetic, I don't think adults should be crying over spilled milk. If every fool was rewarded for sheer effort even if the product was an embarrassing display of how to waste your life playing dress up, anyone with half a brain and cerebral palsy can still be rich.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Vocaloid 2: Hatsune Miku 10

In honor of the first character to reach 10 cosplay features in Cosplay Holic, here is a video of Cosplayer Yumiko dancing to Hatsune Miku’s song “Strobo Nights”.

And of course, Cosplay Holic is in its Hatsune Miku Edition now (meaning: new banner, if you haven’t noticed it yet). Thanks for all the support! And thank you to all the awesome cosplayers and readers that make this site possible!

Naked girl playing Rock Band

I dare you to abstain when this girl's in the house!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Kingdom Hearts II: Rikku

kingdom hearts 2 cosplay - rikku

A miniature version of her original Final Fantasy X-2 design, Rikku appears in Kingdom Hearts II as a little fairy. She retains most her characteristics in the new game; ditzy, good-natured, and a treasure fanatic like her teammates. Her attire is slightly modified, but retains its FF X-2 feel.

So cute! If only there was a bigger photo of this available. Thanks to Hanna for sending this in!

Random Picture of the Day

Tale as old as time...

AniVent Fresno, CA

Hi Everyone~!

Just reminding you all about next month's AniVent. It will be a small convention but it will be one none-the-less and I am super excited about it.
I no longer "plan" to bring my Luxray but there's still a chance I might bring it...or something else. I have a lot of brainstorming to do with that costume so right now I haven't even been working on it, to be honest. T___T; Ahh but I will do it eventually. What I have been working on though is Lavi's shirt and wig. I need to finish recoloring it and then finish touching up the shirt I bought. Most of the costume will be bought but alternated..since it's casual wear from the manga.
n_____n Sooo I won't be all crazy/hardcore for this event and I'm pretty happy about it. It means I can run around like a crazy Otaku. I hope I don't get fangirled... I mean a little attention is nice but a lot? Oy. :O! The reason I say this is because D.gray-man is kind of popular and even when my friend went as Yuu Kanda to the Ani-Jam picnic...she stepped out and some girls were like "Yuuu~!!!" XD So now that we'll actually have the 4 friends from the'll be interesting to say the least. moving onto what else is next. I'm still putting off the Fado costume that I want to take to Sac Anime. I'm not even sure if I'll be able to afford Sac Anime. I still desperately need a job but I SHOULD have one by then if I keep trying, right? Maybe I'll even borrow money to go. I really want to go. =(! I will work and clean houses if I need to..or babysit, ugh~ I just know I want to go and that PikminLink will be there and she asked me to bring my Agitha costume. :D Seeing as she is one of the cosplayers I favor, I will most likely bring it. I also want to walk around in the evening as our D.gray-man our pjs that will have a touch of our personality to them. Hehe. ^____^

But um's a photo of my Lavi progress!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Guilty Gear XX: Bridget 04

guilty gear xx cosplay - bridget 04When Bridget was still a bounty hunter, Dizzy was one of his targets but defeating her left him unsatisfied. As such, he continued his journey and went after May, a member of the Jellyfish Pirates. Only then did he feel that he had proven his masculinity, and soon after, abandoned his life as a bounty hunter. He made amends with May and later befriended the Jellyfish Pirates.

Even without the white or blonde hair, she still makes a cute Bridget! Reminds me of the chibi cosplayer I posted back in 2009. Thanks to Fumiki for sending this in!

Disney Desktop Wallpaper

Disney Desktop Wallpaper

SCC: Japan Fiesta 2010

Alright, this week marks the ending of the first half of 2010 and Singapore’s Cosplay Drought (or not!). 

Starting from this coming weekend, the Singapore Cosplay Club shall help kick start the avalanche of Cosplay events to flood the local cosplay Community. Starting with the Japan Fiesta @ Orchard Central.

Venue: Orchard Central

Time: 11.00am-9.00pm

26th June 2010

  • 11.00am Booths open 3.00pm
  • Cosplay Performances presented by Cosfest
    -World Cosplay Summit Championship 2008 Second Runner Up Pair [YuiMino] from Tokyo
    -World Cosplay Summit 2008 Korea National Representatives
    -World Cosplay Summit 2008 Singapore National Representative
    -Performance by Rie from Osaka
  • 9.00pm  Event End

27th June 2010

  • 11.00am Booths open
  • 12.00pm Asia Cosplay Meet Screenings
  • 4.00pm Asia Cosplay Meet Live Judging from Phillippines
  • 9.00pm Event End

This event is hosted in conjunction with the Asia Cosplay Meet Phillippines and we will get to see their cosplay event live whilst Phillippines will also be able to see us!
This is the first time two cosplay events are being held parallel to each other in South East Asia.

Booths available

  • Maid Cafe serving food and drinks
  • Anime Merchandise
  • Japanese karaoke
  • Pachinko machine exhibit
  • Takoyaki stall
  • Second hand manga/doujinshi/toys booth
  • Japanese street wear sales


Anyone going?

The line up of foreign cosplayers looks reallly realllyy cool. Sadly, I can't cover the event this time ;_; Will be out of the country for a short getaway which i have been looking forward to since forever =) Have fun peeps!

Random Picture of the Day

Pretty ladies

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Bleach: Urahara Kisuke 02

bleach cosplay - urahara kisuke 02With a tendency to drive away his customers at the Urahara Shop, former Captain of the 12th Division Urahara Kisuke is a keen analyst and an avid inventor. He has the ability to discern his opponents’ weaknesses and attack patterns with ease. He trained Kurosaki Ichigo and some of his friends in the store’s cave-like basement, and was able to pass on some of his analytical skills to Ichigo.

I suppose this is what Urahara would look like if he had a similar fate to Neliel. Too adorable! Thanks to Robin for sending this in!

Another day passes :I

Time flies, the convent is drawing ever closer as I try to work as much as I should on perfecting the costume. But it's hard to motivate yourself to work when the weather outside is so perfect.

Tomorrow I'll most likely recieve the fabrics I've ordered and in a week I'll recieve a wig I ordered so I'll get working soon again!

Sick Perverted Assholes

As you all can see, I have given up on this community. Because it is nothing more than a shithole of perverts and showbiz rejects. And as proof... Here are examples of these sick perverted assholes that wander in conventions.

Here's a photo done by these no lives. I've been telling people about these perverts and here is a proof of their existence.
Just look how ugly he is.
Same goes with this guy.
And DAMN! Look at that belly! Too much beer. This is why you should live a Straight Edge Life. To avoid looking like this.
Just look how pathetic he is. Can't even afford his own sex toy so he does... That...
And now another ugly shitface copies fatso.
Just groping plastic boobs makes them orgasm.
Look how happy this idiot is finally being able to hold a female cosplayer.
And then we have fatso doing the same.

Stay away from these sickos... And so I ask you people... Who deserves to be dropped from the fifth floor?