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Friday, October 30, 2009

Cosplay Make Up?

Michelle Phan aka Rice Bunny teaches us how to do make up for Cosplays. I can't say I'm digging her make up here (a little too...exaggerated for my liking). But I love the message she tried to bring across in her video.

I got to agree with her. Some times the power that make up and a costume give, is amazing. Maybe its a form of escapism or maybe I shall feel protected by the shield of costumes. Quite often, I feel like I can do anything I want and nobody will judge me because well.... Ii'm not Kaika. I'm the character I am cosplaying!I guess its this form of reassurance that make me keep coming back for more.

I also love all the special effect animations of the planets and stuffs.

Snow White anyone?

Peronsally I think she makes one striking Snow White xD! (Oooh I LOVE the music she used here!)

Put some pants on!

My fiance's Animal Crossing character is totally watching me sleep (sort of..)

and what the heck, where are my pants?!?!O_O

I thought this was a kids game.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Behind the Scene of "Love is War" Cosplay PV

So you've all seen the awesome PV inuran and Zerartul came up with in my last few posts. Now, get a change in perspective and look at the making of it!

To get the best footages, inuran and team actually re-shot everything 3 times. THREE TIMES OMFG!!!!!!!! Imagine, lugging your costumes, tripods, cameras , make up box, misc photoshoot stuffs out of the house 3 times on 3 seperate days for the SAME PURPOSE/SONG!!!!!!

These videos were taken on the first shoot, which was on a very early saturday morning. You'd notice the abnormally bad video quality and that was because yours truly totally FORGOT to bring her camera that day!
I was supposed to help our Miku with her makeup that day so I kinda only remembered to bring the Make Up box and rushed out T_T.

Left without a choice, I could only film with my crappy mobile phone camera T_T. Very disappointed with myself and the quality of the video but.... oh well at least we have some behind the scene footages. Hope you guys enjoy it! Editing the video and adding those subtitles was a chore!

Rawr. Vampirism and Card Capturing!

I had an amazing time at the Ani-Jam Halloween Festival. It was even MORE fun at the dance afterward. I met so many great people and made lots of new awesome friends! I love cosplayers!

Lots of people liked Kay-chan's and my costume. Hehe. Although we didn't win the Costume Contest I was alright with it. I won 1st place last time...which was kind of surprising but this time I went with a more simple costume and had just as much fun...if not, more. ^~^; I look forward to the future gatherings that Ani-Jam will hold.

I plan on setting up a cosplay gathering for the Fresno area. I'm just not sure when, but I do want it to happen! Grr. >;P

Monday, October 26, 2009

MSN Interview with one of Singapore’s Finalist! Maria!

Simply because I thought this idea is novel, easy to execute and fun =)

Here is Maria’s 2 cents regarding her shortlist :D. I’m deliberately leaving the Display Picture as it is because…its a MSN interview so…it has to stay authentic yeah xDD?

Fullscreen capture 10272009 13123 AM.bmp  

I’m definitely looking forward to more Short & sweet MSN interviews. Hope you guys enjoyed it! Leave me a comment below to tell me what you think about this idea hokays ^_~?

AFA Cosplayer Pre-Registration

And we all thought there won’t be any such deal this year! Honestly, I didn’t bother msyelf too much with all these paper works last year so everything AFA is pretty novel to me.

 I really appreciate the thoughtfulness of the AFA committee to actually generously give out  complimentary entrance passes to cosplayers. They probably understood the hard work and pain (see money fly heart very pain) of a cosplayer so they’re giving us cheappo bast**ds dedicated cosplayers a break by cutting our wallet some slack.

Or maybe they just work like the clubs and organize Ladies night for…obvious Cat-and-Mouse reasons. Oh wells, who cares as long as you get to be on the benefiting side :DDDDD?!!!

Below are some excerpt of the requirements.

How to redeem your complimentary ticket at AFA09 as a cosplayer:
1) All cosplayers must register online at AFA09 site to redeem the complimentary ticket.
2) Bring along a printout of your registration form to AFA09 on either/both days.
3) Cosplayers can come on either/both days to redeem your ticket.
    There will be a cosplayer ticketing booth for cosplayers to queue to redeem their ticket for the day.
4) All cosplayers must be in full costume in order to redeem their complimentary ticket
5) Please show your I.C and registration form for verification. Each cosplayer is entitled to ONE ticket per day.
6) There will be a helper/cosplay moderator who will help verify the process.
7) Collection of complimentary tickets will start from 10am, and end at 4pm on both days
8) Cosplayers who want to collect their 2nd day ticket might need to bring another set of print outs of 2nd day costume.

We are happy to giveaway the complimentary ticket(s) if you cosplay as:
Any anime/manga/game adaptation character from Japanese/Western origin.

and Opps... please do not come with...
1) Clothes that resemble everyday clothing
2) ‘Cardboard box’ characters
3) Jackets with anime prints/logos
4) Visual Kei/Gothic Lolita
5) Original Characters
* Other cosplays will be subjected to the AFA09 Cosplay Committee’s approval. Organizer's decisions are final.
No appeals or correspondence will be entertained.

Click ehre to register!

Check out the full details and register here !!!!!!


P/s: Above photo is taken by yours truly of Kazeki and her friend. Anyone care to enlighten me their series/character?

AFA announces regional Cosplay finalist!

After 2 weeks of grueling wait, the mysterious judges at AFA finally pooled their votes (I assume) and announced the regional finalist!!!!

Below are the finalist!



Difficulty: 20%
Accuracy: 20%
Quality: 20%
Total: 60%
Character: 10%
Team Effort: 10%
Performance: 20%
Total: 40%

Grand Prize: Trip for 2 to Tokyo, Japan
Special Prize: BROTHER INNOV-IS 900 Embroidery Sewing Machine

Criteria for Grand Prize: Team with highest total score (Costume + Skit) 
Criteria for Special Prize: Team with the highest score for ‘Costume’ only

Cosplay this year will have a bigger stage where AFA09 will host the first ever Regional Cosplay Championship in SE Asia.  The top cosplay team from each participating South East Asian country will be sponsored by AFA09 to fly to Singapore to compete in the Regional Cosplay Championship during the two-day anime festival where they will perform and be judged by a panel of distinguished guests from Japan including internationally renowned cosplayer Kaname☆.
Selected Finalists from overseas will have their flight and accommodation covered by the AFA Cosplay Committee. ONE Finalist from each country, with the exception of the host country Singapore, which will have TWO Finalists selected to compete.


For enquiries on the championship, please email:


   banzai to the Singapore cosers!!! All the best to you guys and may you do our country proud!!!!!!


「恋は戦争」 Love is War Cosplay PV

Love is War PV, OUT!!!!

Cosplay: Inuran
Video: Zerartul
Editing: Inuran & Zerartul
Costume & Props & Make Up: Inuran

Make Up: Kaika

After nearly months of planning, storyboarding, filming and RE-filming. Our WCS 2008 Singapore representative; Inuran is finally done with her Love is War PV.

Pardon me if I am wrong, but this is the first full PV I've seen done by a local.

Gotta love the insanely high definition (imho la ;x) and cool special effects treatment. Of course, not taking credits away from our lovely leek heroine and her lovely costumes.

I'm pointing my fingers at her Megaphone dudes. Check it out! Love the perfect finishing and the accuracy of the colour.

Ok. I digressed again.

Back to the PV, I might post some behind the scenes videos taken with my mobile phone if you guys request.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

I'z haz a Youtube!

Here's a video from the boy party thing...... for more though to go --->

I hope this shows...
Anyway! Got to go....I'm at Kay-chan's and Ne-chan is over too. They're working on their cosplay for..tomorrow but technically it's today!

Edit: Nope...stupid video won't show so I put a link instead. ;[ sorry.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Ani-Jam Halloween Event!!

Woohoo! It's finally here, I've been anxious to go! I love being around cosplayers and dressing up in general! Unfortunately I will not be a real character. I'll be using my Cardcaptor Sakura uniform but I will be dressing as a vampire school girl. Not even Vampire Sakura because my friend...wasn't going to be Vampire Madison I guess... I'm not sure. All I know is we're just going to be ourselves I guess... o_o; Maybe...I should ask again. I'll be going to her house tonight since we'll be leaving the next day around noon time. I'm going to do our make up... I have some stuff to make us look pale that I put over after I draw on veins along side the face. Gives us a more...fragile, dead look. We already have our fangs...and I'm not sure how we'll do the hair. Probably crazy, like we're...insane but still school girls :O

ANYWAY. It's going to be FUNZZZZ~~~~~~!!!!!!!! (n___n) W00t.

But uh...yah. Can't wait to see some of my other cosplay friends there. I'll be going with 3 of them but we're meeting there with a few other friends. I think Ashley is going to be a evil Alice in Wonderland and Anton will be...Death the kid from SoulEater. Somethin' like that.

I'll make sure to post some pictures..n__n; Cya later....~

Friday, October 23, 2009

A Cosplay interview with Iron Tager (BlazBlue)

The first cosplayer to kickstart our official Cosplay Interview section; Iron Tager from BlazBlue by Reifes88.

(That epic Sheryl Nome interview  by Dan the Farmer(Alto) is not counted XD)

We met him at the Comics and Games Asia event last month and he came across as a very nice and professional (wud?! )  Cosplayer.

According to him, the entire costume was made by himself! And as you can tell from the video, I sure as hell was surprised. Because male cosplayers mostly only concentrate on making props and weapons and usually leave the dressmaking to the ladies, so that's one surprised card dished out by him XD

What I like about Reifes88 is how dedicated to honing his skills he is, I mean hey, his even someone's understudy xD. He is one of those few cosplayers whose dedication to crafting really comes thgough very strongly. His Iron Tager was also an awe-inspiring sight to behold with its stark red costume and bulky arm weaponry. Much love also goes to his very well built and solid arm props. My favourite part would be detail done to make the fist in those props looks really like ...well., a fist.

Photos by Hidetox

Even though he can't disclose his props making secrets but he definitely gave us an insight into the world of  prop making.

In this interview, he also shares his views about something all cosplayers would have heard of but something that has never really been addressed; Cosplay Politics.

"If you want to make it a business, 
                            make sure you don't Cosplay"

Photo by Everblue

Cosplay Politics. An ever occuring issue in the community yet a topic that seems destined to be stuffed under the table. It is something that EVERYONE is aware of, something that everyone has opinion on but something nobody want/dares to openly talk about.

This is definitely an issue I would like to talk in depth next time. Before that, share what you think about this issue and Reifes88's cosplay here :)

Comment away!!!

Because I'll make a MAN out of YOU!

....Hehehehe. For those interested in pictures from our "Boy party" that some of my friends in our cosplay group had then you're looking at the right blog! :O
It was pretty fun. I was like an Otaku..womanzing, sexually confused guy apparently.... XD I haven't uploaded a video but I will once I have access to faster internet!

Thursday, October 22, 2009


I got a call from the Beauty Supply store I applied for last week. They scheduled me for an interview this Friday!!!!!!!!

I am so happy! I really need a job so I hope I do well!

Oh and the boy party was very fun. We had some awesome and even awkward moments. We made a lot of videos and even this weird skit/movie thing. XD I'm going to totally upload after I edit it and such. We took pictures too but I will put them up tomorrow. I am beat....we played Mario Kart and Smash Brothers for a few hours. I feel tired so...I'm going to bed!

Goodnight. XD Sorry for this laaaame post, aside from the job thing!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fake Lash Sale!

To me, make up is an essential part of cosplay. Sometimes, even the most important thing (after wigs/hair) if you’re talking about plain clothes cosplays.

And one of the most essential thing to cosplayers that are trying to look like 100% perfect and fabulous fictionous character. Would be FAKE LASHES!!!!  Yes you heard me right! FAKE lashes!

Anyway, I think I talked too much again. I just wanna give the Singaporean cosplayers a heads up. A shop in Far East Plaza is selling fake lashes dirt cheap. Like $10 for 10 sets.


Let me re-iterate.









ONE dollar EACH \(OAO)/ !!!

The store carries a wide variety of taiwan/china imported beauty products that well…might look familiar to regular blog spree-ers. If you get what I mean.  But, if you don’t have the patience to wait for your goods to arrive or just enjoy instant retail therapy then the store’s for you.


I am by no means, affiliated with the store or anything. I just wanna share a good deal with everyone =). The pictures above are the set I bought. I deliberately choose the more exaggerated ones for Cosplay purposes =)

Google Tags: , ,

"I would turn man for you, Ayame!"

So I'm going to a party and you have to dress up like a boy.
I totally made up the catchy phrase..."Make sure to come as a mister, not a sister!"

ROFL. Total cross-dressing party.

I can't wait. Seriously? I am excited. I -love- my cosplay group. Everyone is awesome and we make awesome videos. The funnier things always happen when we're off cam though. I promise to upload pictures and even a youtube vid.

Oh yeah. I have a youtube account. It's
So...if you're interested in actually watching me, then check it out XD Hehehe.

I'm tired now. Going to sleep. Goodnight.

Monday, October 19, 2009

What do you want to see?

*EDIT: Seems like the poll's kinda unfriendly. So... just leave me a comment below at this entry if you like  =) *

Hi peeps!

I was wondering, what is it that you guys enjoyed watching/reading most on this blog. SO I made a poll by the right side to get some feedback from you guys . Alternatively, you can also comment here or at the tagboard to let me know what you would like to see on this blog.

Other than churning out more tutorial videos which i have been lagging furiously behind  (just like you guys, I only have 24hours a day =P).

I also intend to do some series cosplay focus. Like, I'll set a theme or focus on a specific Anime/Manga/Game series, then source out fabulous cosplays from that series or theme.  Maybe I'll even do some top 10 charts XD

Erm.... maybe not *coughsflamewarcough*

Vocaloid Cosplay Para!

Check this out xD!!!

Omg...Vocaloid's taking over the world O_O;;;;;;;;;;

Ahh..I can be so silly!

I'm so sorry if you're interested in my nerdy blog..thingie...I know I haven't posted anything in a while. I've been busy and the internet is all sucky here at my Mom's house so I don't get on a much!

Friday night I stayed over at Kailey's house...and Thursday was ugh, horrific for a little while. I almost had a panic attack on the highway on the way to Wal-Mart. My anxiety has been acting up because of stress. Luckily from past experience I learned to try my best to calm down..and did much praying... I eventually was okay on the drive back home (15 min drive, but with feels like an hour! @_@) Anyway, I'm okay now. Wow. I just said anyway in rl...right when I typed it. o.O ....but yeaaaaaaaaah. Went to Santa Cruz on Saturday, felt anxious the ride up but once I got there and enjoyed the ocean breeze I felt better. My friend Kay-chan and I had to find common ground because she wanted to ride the huge rollercoaster and I wanted to go into the "Fright Walk" which was like this hounted house walk-through (There's like a small amusement park along the boardwalk..) but we were afraid of each others choices so finally I pointed to the end at the giant arcade and was like, "GAAAAAAAAAMES!!!!" So she was like, "Okay!". So yeah, we played a few videogames. I beat her at MarioKart..bwuahaha, and we took cute photobooth pics! We had been wearing wigs too and got a lot of looks as well as compliments! I had my pink wig on and Kay-chan had my blue wig on. It was muy fun. ;3

Today I visited Kay-chan's church but we were late cause we took forever to get ready! Then we stopped by for donuts. It was funny..I kept cracking jokes the whole way there...I was on a roll. Once we got the donuts I got back onto the main road and this guy was hecka driving slow so I was like, "Ey...ey...LADY WITH A DONUT HERE. GET MOVIN BUDDY BOY!!!" XD Kay-chan started laughing and I was like, "Watch, we're going to get pulled over by like 5 cop cars..." cause the cops in our small town have nothing better to do. XD

After church though our cosplay group got together and we worked on some stuff. It was pretty always. We made some videos--which reminds me, I need to edit them!! Some of us also put on fake mustaches (drew on*) and tried to look like guys. We're having a "Man party" this week....going to bind our chests and try to look like anime guys...meaning we can still have feminine features but manly ness too. BWUAHAHAH >:D Suuuch geeks. Probably watch Callisto play Zelda too.. She needs to finish OOT, play Majora's Mask and Windwaker..the other games she hasn't play. I know, I know..."HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?!" It's possible..unfortunately.. BUT She hasn't really become a gamer until now so it's acceptable. ;3


I FINALLY GOT THE LOVELY BED FURNITURE!!!!!!!!! ^__________^;; (Animal Crossing)


I'z done. ;3!! Bai bai!!
Oh and I figured out what to be for Halloween (At least for the Ani-jam Halloween Event....Kay-chan and I are going to be either Nariko/Kai vampire school girls or Sakura/Tomoyo vampire school girl. It all depends on if she gets her red wig on time. =/!!! So uhh yeah.........Keika and Ne-chan are going to be witches... so we figured we'd pair up. Callisto is going to be Peter Pan. ^~^ (The rest of the group members aren't going I think. MAYBE Boopy... but yeah CHEAP. ;x)

Friday, October 16, 2009

Pop Culture: CosplayMania Event dedicated "Fan Boyz" and "Fan Gurlz"

Cosplay Mania Community
Fan Art Zone [Inter-PopCulture]: Event dedicated "Fan Boyz" and "Fan Gurlz" Character Role Playing Foto Expressionz, some event Cosplayers---the "Behind the Scene" fan shots.

Hi Friends,

Feel free to view some of my CosplayMania community event dedicated "Fan Boyz" and "Fan Gurlz" character role players and fashionPlayers foto Xpressionz!. Thanks to all the COOL event dedicated "Fan Boyz" and "Fan Gurlz" and some event Cosplayers---the "Behind the Scene" fan shot for their time to take some pose!

more power!

The Art of Costume Play (Cosplay)~Character Role Playing and FashionPlay

All Characters are just the work of Character Role Playing, Costume Play (Cosplay) and Costume Art character portray. Characters are based on Inter-PopCulture of Japanese PopCulture (Anime, Manga, Video Games (PC, Console, Arcade,etc.), TV & Film (Sci-Fi, Fanatsy, Horror),J-Pop and J-Rock Culture,American PopCulture (Comics, Video Games (PC, Online, Console,etc,),TV & Film (Sci-Fi, Fanatsy, Horror), S.Korean PopCulture (Online Gaming, TV & Film (Sci-Fi, Fanatsy, Horror), K-Pop Culture, Filipino PopCulture (Komiks),TV & Film (Sci-Fi, Fanatsy, Horror). Today, by their work of Art in Impressionism and Expressionism…we can say in this modern world as the living arts of popular culture!

Below are Fan Fotoz of Cosplay Mania 1, 2, 3 event dedicated "Fan Boyz" and "Fan Gurlz" Character Role Players and onwards....

Character Role Play / Cosplay / FashionPlay / CosArt Slide Photo Blog1

Picture Slide
Video Slide Rating: G

photographs slide © roger “ryoji” vicente [OxenSun]

Fan Arts courtesy thanks to my NCR-PH Cosplay Mania Cosplayers, event dedicated "Fan Boyz" and "Fan Gurlz" Character Role Players Friends and Pals "Y"

....More event dedicated "Fan Boyz" and "Fan Gurlz" Character Role Playing, Foto Expressionz and some event Cosplayers---the "Behind the Scene" fan shots, please click the sub blog below. Thanks.

[sub blog >>]

© Contents All Rights Reserved.

No images or articles can be reproduced without the written consent of the owner.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

K-ON voices in Singapore!!!

Hey guys~~~~heard the big news yet :D?

K-ON's seiyuu's coming to

AFA 2009!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Didn’t I told you some special peeps were coming :D???


The 4 seiyuus of the hit 2009 anime series; K-ON!




Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Camping out for Zelda? No?! >:O

I know I haven't really ranted in this blog, which is a good thing. I'm sure there's enough drama in your life... why would you want to read about mine? No, I'm not going to bash someone in this blog or really give you all the dramatic details (because there really aren't any XD). I just got a bit upset the other day, but luckily thanks to my best female friend, I was able to get over it and feel better.

If you don't game, or aren't a big Zelda probably won't care but maybe you could think of a game you'd really like? ANYWAY. The thing was...I was talking to Robby on msn last night, yes MSN...because we're long distance at the moment. [He comes home in December for good though!] So yeah, on msn chattin' it up. I asked him if he'd camp out with me when the new Zelda game(for wii) comes out, which would probably be around year 2011. So it's a while from now. I explained how it would be really cool since we're big Zelda fans and it would show our devotion! :D Hoping that he would be like, "Sure babe." Or whatever he started giving a whole dang lecture on how it's more "intelligent" to just reserve a copy online and have it mailed to your house. Totally missing my point, I argued back a bit. I didn't call him names or anything (Until later, I called him boring..poor guy..but seriously :O!). I felt so disappointed. He told me how those days had passed and he would probably have more important things to do like school and work. I understood that, because I plan on having the same responsibilities as him. I told him, "When you really like something, taking 1 day off is NOT going to ruin your life." He soon became quiet and I told him I'm just someone who likes to have fun, even if it seems going an extra mile...I will go it for the feeling of it! It's like walking around at a Con or even GOING. You can show off your costume with just pictures online, or you can walk around bruising your feet but being able to enjoy the outcome of it all. (I didn't tell him all that but uh, just adding that in). Anyway...I guess he felt bad that he put me in a bad mood so he popped up a Tic Tac Toe game on msn. I was like "..." I played and beat him. I felt a liiiittle better. (Oh he also dissed Tetris and my love for drumming on Guitar Hero) The game can be annoying but I love playing the drums. UGH. So was all frustrating until Keika talks to me and I explain what happened and she volunteers to visit me (or I visit her) and we'd camp out in front of whatever store we chose, play our DS games or chat with other Zelda fans who would be waiting and have a good time. Oh I'd want to cosplay too. Probably dress as Saria or someone comfortable. Princess Agitha is NOT the most comfortable of outfits. It's not even done but I know it won't be comfortable and it's a freakin' dress. XD

In anycase, we ended up okay. Arguments happen when you're close to someone and you feel disappointed. He was just being himself. Someone who had to grow up really fast. It's quite sad... He does do fun things, don't get me wrong. We've had a lot of great times...sometimes he just makes boring decisions and acts like he's 60 years old. I know, that's mean but it's true. I still love him though and I know he's just a very logical person but TOO logical sometimes. We're young...we need to have some fun! (As long as it' >.>;).

Anyway, this is why I'm glad we have friends. A partner can't always be there for EVERYTHING or enjoy EVERYTHING you do. But Friends? They're pretty much on your side with almost everything...if you're like BFF's. Although I do consider Robby a best friend, there's a difference with girl best friends and him being my male best friend.^~^; I love my friends. We're all crazy and kind of grew up the same. We have our fights too but uh..friends are just a really special thing and I will miss them when I move. :( I do have friends in Texas but...I will miss my friends. Hopefully some of the other friends who already moved will be able to visit me. BROOKELYNN. :O!!! Or Jeska!

Ahh. Well I'm sorry if this blog was annoying. I hope I didn't sound like a little brat whining. :[ I do love my fiance and we don't have many fights (Anymore..we've grown up a little.. XD). But uh, sometimes I just feel like writing it all out AND I wasn't sure what else to write. I'd like to keep this blog about games and other nerdy stuff I do. :]

Oh and he wants to get me some Mini Ninja game. It looks kind of cute, a bit kiddy but he said it's suppose to be cool and fun. =P I don't mind getting games as a gift..maybe it's a making-up gift? I don't know. Suppose I will try it out. I think he's getting the wii one. At least I can be a Kunoichi!

Alright. I'm gonna go. I have to post a dream I had on my other fashion/Design/creative blog. LOL.


Monday, October 12, 2009

Well… at least we know Alto is straight.

A video proof of his very natural sexual tendencies. I guess its joyous and something worthy of celebrations no? XD

Or would you rather he join Onimusha’s Young Alchemist Oomph Institution Gym? XD

Yes… we all know Armstrong is fabulous and full of win. I’ve got his sticker pasted on my printer xD.

And we also worships the fact that he can morph into our gatsby hairspray donning and love thirsty Bokuto no Ryu. 


3 cans of the goodness if he masters juggling with his feet :D!


Oh yesss~ we love him. Even if his hair is a cockroach hideout! We’d all love to stalk follow him and be involved in his everyday life….. if only there ain’t no bodyguards to get in our way!



Why are all the gays so BEAUTIFUL and have such JUICY lifestyle?!?!?!! And why do they all gather around the same SINGLE GIRL?!?! okay fine, if they are interested in girls I can’t rightfully label them ‘gays’ but ….why the same girls?!?


*shakes head* The mysteries of the Otome Games.

Damn! What’s wrong with this world?!??!


I'm over at my friend's house right now. Not too sleepy so I'm leaving a post before going to sleep!

We played Ocarina of Time(Zelda..DUH) becaauuse Robbie had never played it!! O_O NEVER. How could this be, you ask? I do not know! I played most of it...but uh, she gets to do Lord Jabu-Jabu's belly. I hate that 'temple' XD! Hehe... We were going to finish it tonight but we're too tired...and it bugged me so I didn't want to play it tonight.

Ah...I still love the game. I can't wait until Link grows up. I use to have the fattest crush on him. Seriously. Wait...............I STILL do. >:D Ahh..Link....why are you so cute, in all your cheap graphic-ness? (Except Twilight Princess...He got smoother). Teehee. I love Zelda!

I still plan on getting the Triforce or Royal crest symbol tattooed on me. I'm thinking the back of my neck... :3

I don't know. Guess I'll go....^__________^ TTYL. Oh and yay for....4 followers? :3



Sunday, October 11, 2009

Rude Cosplay Photographers

Any cosplayer who has been in the community long enough would have seen or at least heard of such incidents.

..................... RUDE Event attendees or photographers.

Or anyone armed with a recording device, DSLR cameras or mobile phone cameras. Insensitive people who are total strangers to you and pointing their devices 10cm away from your face.

Maria just sent me a video by this very spirited cosplayer nicknamed Cattypatra. Much compliments to her for having so much guts to do this video. Even though her language may be a little unsave for work/kids xD

As can be seen from this entry here.... direct video evidence of such rude acts, Cattypatra's rants are not unfounded.

Quite strangely, despite my long years of cosplaying I've been lucky to not have any such uncomfortable incidents. Must be my evil aura that drips with murderous intention =_=||||
But I've been hearing and hearing people around me complains about their unhappy incidents since forever!

So any cosplayers who have similar experiences care to share with us? LEave a comment below! Show your rage!!!!!!!

How to Cosplay: Making a Japanese Gi

Well a lot of you complained that you can’t find this article on my Yam blog. So I’m shifting it here to T.C.C
This article shall focus on making a Japanese Gi top(think Kenshin and Bleach) the simplest way. Readers are advised to gauge for themselves how suitable this method is for their costume and fabric.

Adequate amount of cloth ( see below )

Fabric Scissors
Fabric Chalk
Sewing Machine

The amount of material used will of course, depend on the individual. Below is an explanation on how much cloth you will need approximate to your measurements.

Width of fabric = (sleeves length x 2) + shoulder width + a negotiable 2 or 3 inches + 2” (hems on both sleeves)
*Fabric width usually comes in standard sizes like 38”, 45” and 60”. Make sure to ask the store owner before you buy!
* How loose the Gi turn out to be will depend on how much allowance you give to the ‘negotiable 2 or 3 inch’

Length of fabric = (how long you want the gi to be) x 2 + 2” (hems on ends of Gi)
*always remember to leave extra cloth for hemmings!

For a petite asian girl like me who have 15” shoulders, I would need around 3yards of 40” width fabric. The outcome would be a semi loose Gi top with around 10.5” sleeve length. 


1) Before you start drawing and cutting on the fabric, leave aside enough cloth for the collar.
Collar cloth = 4” width x ( 2.25 x length of Gi)
It doesn't matter if the cloth is not long enough; just sew 2 pieces of cloth together at their ends to form the needed length.

2) Fold the remaining cloth in half and it will form the imaginary red line in the middle.

3) [Diagram 02]

Use a tailor chalk and draw lines like the red ones on the now folded halve of your cloth. Make sure the lines are symmetrical.
*Tip: folding the cloth vertically in halves again will give u an accurate middle line without the need for rulers.
a. The orange lines are places where you should make booth side of the sleeves equal
b. The green line is your shoulder length. The few inches of extra allowance given will contribute to your sleeve lengths and chest width. This few inch is necessary. You will need them to allow your Gi to overlap!
c. The purple line is the length of your arm hole (albeit divided in 2). Japanese Gi are usually quite roomy so I would suggest leaving at least 7 inches of arm hole. If in doubt, look at your normal day shirt and measure it, or just measure the circumference of your upper arm. Be careful with this portion, its better to give more than less, you wouldn't want your arm to be stuck there .

4) [Diagram 03]

a. The blue line is the length of your chest (divided by 2), give allowance. If you've noticed, this chest area sort of follows the shoulder measurements. What you can do is follow the length of your shoulders + a few extra inches of allowance for your chest. BUT, if your chest measurement is bigger than 2 x shoulders, let the shoulders follow your chest measurement instead.
b. The semicircle will be your neckline. The green line is approximately 1“, add more inches if your costume design needs a lower neckline.
c. The pink line at the bottom should be a few inches wider than the blue line. You will be relying on thes extra inches to overlap your Gi when its completed so don’t be too stingy with the allowance. As a warning, if you intend to make the sleeves as long as your gi, then the extra allowance will eat away the sleeves’ bottom width.

5) [Diagram 04]

Cut along the dotted line. Cut BOTH CLOTH for the red lines, meaning both the back and front cloth are to be cut. Cut ONLY the front cloth for the green line. That will be the opening of your Gi.
6) [Diagram 05]
Now that you've cut the red lines, cut along the blue dotted lines. Try to make a nice gradual downward curve.
7) [Diagram 06]

Bring out your collar cloth and iron the patterned areas faced down like Diagram 07. Make sure the bottom of the cloth is jutting out slightly more than the cloth above.
8) Iron the whole piece of cloth and keep it halves like Diagram 08.
9) It is highly recommended that you interlock the edges of the fabric so the final costume won't fray or tear so easily.
10) You are ready to start sewing! Remember, you don’t sew on the surface of your costume so turn your fabric inside out and sew on the insides.
11) [Diagram 09]

Start by sewing along the red dotted lines. Leave around 0.5” of space between the edge of the cloth and the stitch line.
12) [Diagram 10]

If your sewing was correct, the fabric should look like this.
13) [Diagram 11]
Fold the edges of the sleeves in by around 0.5” or 1” to create the hem. Now sew the hem line.
14) [Diagram 12]

If your gi needs a pocket like sleeves, then sew along the blue dotted lines

Otherwise, just sew the red lines in Diagram 13.
15) [Diagram 14]

You should get something like this.
16) [Diagram 15]

Now for the collars. Use pins to secure it to the gi top
17) [diagram 16]

Tuck in the ends of the collar cloth and pin it down to give your collar a nice finish at the ends. Start sewing it along the red lines. Now just sew in all the exposed edges below the gi and you're done!

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