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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

CORE SPOTLIGHT: Steven 'Ban' Vivero

I'm a self-diagnosed psychotic and lactose intolerant.

An anime fanatic, self-proclaimed otaku and an amateur cosplayer.

Whenever I taste dairy products, it results to bad digestion and uncontrolled urges, such a lame fact. I'm creative in my own way. I never wanted to be compared to anyone because I know the fact that we are unique.

I strive for world peace and for greener earth and that is for real. No one has ever labeled me "hypocrite" for two reasons, either they fear or I'm just plain honest. I love having friends and they are the coolest! I have much but I still feel less. I am an artist, a frustrated one.

I prefer to be alone so I can be productive in my own way. Talkative but loving.