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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Random updates!

Hi people!

The blog has been going a little slow recently and just thought I should update you guys a bit.

Work has resumed for me and I'm also working on this big cosplay project of my own thus the desperate lack of time. Those who follows me on Da would know of my recent tragic file lost. So, spent a lot of time fixing things up =(

Also, Soy'b is coming!!! I'll be joining the karaoke competition and singing a song very different from my usual range. So please support me alright??

I won't be doing serious cosplay this sat if anyone wanna know. In fact I don't even feel like cosing....yeah I'm in one of those dry season =/ but to join the mood I still will cos someone I guess, its now a choice between Suzumiya or Kyoko.

I have so much lined up for this blog!! Am working on an article about what cosplayers hates about photographer. Had hoped to get it out before Soy'b but I guess that won't be the case already T.T

And interviews with Kurohoshi's adorable Taiga, Reiko's droolicious Meiko plus the RAIDING of a cosplayer's room ! She's a gorgeous Singapore cosplayer famous for her attention to details and great portrayal. So yeah, you guys should totally stick around for them xD

Apologies for the lack of cosplay related photo, am blogging via mobile now =). Camwhore from after eoy.