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Friday, January 15, 2010

The First Ever Cosplay Museum and Diliman Prepatory School proudly presents the official unveiling of the first ever Cosplay Museum in the Philippines on January 8, 2010! The museum will feature historical cosplay costumes, a cosplay historical gallery and an extensive gallery from premier cosplay photographers. There will also be an area for Cosplay Workshops that will serve to instruct beginners as well as tackle more advanced cosplay topics.

A joint project of and Diliman Prepatory School, the Cosplay Museum is meant as an educational beacon to enlighten the general public about Cosplay, its roots and historical landmarks in the Philippines and to educate the youth on the various aspects of Cosplay. The museum is also a venue for allowing Cosplayers to congregate and have their own small activities with the frequency that is impossible in most large-scale conventions.

Along Commonwealth Avenue in Quezon City, the museum is located next to Diliman Prepatory School. It is, however, independent of the complex allowing it to operate during times when the school is closed. For those planning a visit, please refer to this map by clicking the link here: Map to Cosplay Museum. The actual museum is located in the white building right next to Diliman Prepatory School. and Diliman Prepatory School would like to thank everyone who donated their costumes, time and effort in the fruition of this landmark museum. It's launching is testament to the growing positive influence of Cosplay, not merely as a hobby, but as an art form and educational media.