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Monday, January 18, 2010

Cosplay 3 day weekend!

Alright, soooo...I haven't really been online because I've been at Kailey's most of the weekend! Since Friday she has had some of our cosplay group over to work on stuff..and it has been CRAZY. XD I wish I had the videos on my camera but sadly I don't. Fortunately though Kay-chan does so she'll be collaborating all of them to make some videos (yes, more than one because we recorded so much crazy crap XD). It has been very fun but sadly the weekend is over. We are very excited for our trip to San Francisco and AOD next weekend!! I just hope everyone can finish their costumes in time. ^-^;

I don't really have any pictures to put up right now... Ugh. Okay. I lied. I have some but not with me. I'll make a little video and eventually put it up. Eheheheh. I don't really have any progress since I'm done with Ayame and I'm helping my friend's with theirs right now.

I have 3 wigs to style, mostly two but I also need to fix Ayame's bangs because they're too long. I need to finish styling Keika's Leon Magnus wig and Kay-chan's Shigure wig. I'm also going to help her finish her school boy uniform because she's still working on her other costume. @___@ So yeah...kind of stressful and fun at the same time!

How are all of you? Good I hope. :3 I'm going to go hands feel tired.