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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Amane Misa

Cosplayer: Razel
Photo by Julz
Hitsuzen Inc Halloween Photoshoot
November 30, 2009

AOD o_o

Okay so I took some of my friends (who happen to be in my cosplay group) with me to AOD. I had lots of fun and I know its said to be a small con, but there were a lot more people there then I thought there would a lot more. I had lots of fun and strangely never really got bored at all. Except when I was changing into my fubuki cosplay. It took me and Ne-Chan hours to get all those pieces on! (btw thanks again Ne-Chan) any-who I cosplayed shigure for most of Saturday until the masquerade judging. Okay,I have never really been in a masquerade, so when I went to sign up the lady said she needed to see me in my cosplay I was wearing for the masquerade before 4:00. I thought "hmmmmmm wonder why" I didn't really think to much about it and went to my fruits basket photo shoot with Sheik-chan and Callisto (sp) it was mucho fun! After a bit I looked at the time and noticed it was 3:00. Ne-Chan and I booked it to the room ( I was sad to leave (T.T) but know how it goes) we tried to hurry but didn't have time to finish all the details. We thought...oh there just gonna see that we have one or...IDK! I'm an idiot I didn't know that was the judging! I had no make up (his thick eye liner) and some small pieces were missing. they asked me for a reference pic because they didn't know my character. so I asked if I could also have a bit more time to finish putting on my costume. They said that the line for judging would be down by then and that we could just come back in a lil bit. so we did that and we were juged.....I know, I know, I'm stupid.

So then we went back to the room till we had to meet up at the main events place again. While we were leaving the room we realized we had lost the room key and locked Ne-chan's staff in the room :( ...*sigh* -_-;.....then we had to get a new key.

ANYWAY!!!!!!! After that we went to the masquerade. When it was our turn they played the audio for the people behind us on accident and I did a lil bit of "stall" dancing (I DONT KNOW! MY MIND WENT BLANK!) It was fun over all and we didnt expect to win anything. There were some GREAT cosplayers there! But we ended up winning best of show! I was so excited. Maybe a little too excited but at that point I didnt care. I was just happy.

Oh! Did I mention I also meet Koi cosplay!?! It was sooooo awesome they were soooo nice! The next day I went from shigure in the morning to fubuki in the afternoon for some photo shoots and then to normal clothes and then we went home. :) yup! I left a lot of the secound day out but I wrote too much about the first day so I dont think you'd wanna here more :) but yeah that was my AOD experianc not to mention i turned 18 today wooohooo! ups (sorry for the novel!) sooooooo thanks for reading bye peopleS!

AOD = Epic? Possibly...I SUPPOSE?

AOD, con wise---ehhh, it was small (which was a known fact), the place was nice, but there wasn't that much to do...really. We mostly walked around and looked at either art or dealer hall stuff. When that got boring (which is sort of did...EVEN THOUGH there were tons of talented artist, I just didn't have cash on me the whole trip so I didn't buy anything at the con :P) we left to Japantown and chilled there. Ate at a nice Japanese restaurant and checked out some of the shops. I love Japantown, it's so nice and pretty *~*;

Ahem..back to AOD. So I only brought my Ayame costume right? It was simple and kind of boring after a while....when I wasn't with Momiji and Shigure I felt like I blended in everywhere. Then I wore a tie with my shirt unbutton the next day but people started to mistake me for Squalo Superbi from Reborn! lol.. WHICH in fact I love Squalo--and had to admit after I looked in the mirror that I did look like I was cosplaying him. XD Later on I changed (both days actually) because the long wig bugged the crap out of me. It tangles SO easily. I'm buying my wig from CosplayDNA(ebay store) next time because those wigs are gorgeous and around the same freakin' price! They're also heat resistant and de-tangle very easily :D But yeah....I kind of regretted not bringing my Chelsea cosplay (e_e); I would have entered it in the costume contest with Keika as Leon (Since he's from TOD too). My other friends entered though. Kay-chan and Ne-chan entered their Disgaea II costumes and won..BEST OF SHOW!!!!! I was SOOO happy and I was very happy to hear they went by "PaperSwordPart" because that's our cosplay group! At first I wasn't sure if they'd win. There were A LOT of awesome costumes!! Some of the ones that won though I was kind of like , "Ehh.." but I mean...the judges saw something in those ones so whatever, it's cool :) Everyone deserves to win sometimes!

I'm happy they won, not just because they are my friends but because a lot of money and work went into those freakin' costumes...@_@ They went for every detail! It was crazy...and to think I almost brought Flonne too, meaning I would have been up there with them too. XP Oh well, it's fine..... My other two friends won some Hall cosplay stuff, I was happy for them as well. I was the only one who didn't win anything..because I only brought my Ayame one which I'm sure they thought I bought or something. I don't know. It's totally fine ^___^;;; (I SHOULD HAVE BROUGHT KAI, DANG'IT....XD Naaaaah). Oh yeah! I met my friend "Rose"(Not sure if that's your real name or what you just go by..sorry T__T) on here too! She had an awesome Amaterasu cosplay, she won second runner up for it too. I was happy for her, she worked hard with that dang fur lol. :)

Ahh, but yaaaaaaah. Looooong post. I think I'll make a video right now. I don't know. I really want to but I feel tired!! Ehhhgheheheheh.

I was so happy to see PikminLink again! She's so sweet and awesome..of course. :D

I didn't make her stand up because she was tired, so I just sat down too. XP

Soy’B 2010! Photo Spammage!

Wheee! Soy’B is over before I realise!

Had to reach earlier due to my joining the Karaoke Competition, more talk about that in my next post perhaps. The day was very cursed for me. Not only did I left my home without my wallet (and thus having to waste time walking back for it) , I also forgot my extra camera batteries,SD Card and fake lashes. *palms forehead* I can’t even start describing how big a blunder that was. No wonder my make up case felt so light u_U Felt really awful without my fake lashes and had to literally cake my lids with black eyeliner and dark eyeshadows.

I’ll stop blabbering for now and go on to the photos!

30jan10_SOYB 013

Recognise them xD? They were cosplaying Shugo Chara from AFA last year!

30jan10_SOYB 008

30jan10_SOYB 015

Another Kagamine Len =)

30jan10_SOYB 017

Songster and Richard cosplaying SWAT !!!! Kudos to photographer turned cosplayers XD!!

30jan10_SOYB 023 

Yuffie from Final Fantasy 7!!

30jan10_SOYB 028

Dynasty Warrior?? A pity I didn’t managed to get any pics of her with her props/weapons. Apparently she had been holding them for a long time and was very exhaustedXD

30jan10_SOYB 027

Kuroshitsuji! Makes me feel like picking up the series sia…

30jan10_SOYB 032


30jan10_SOYB 033


30jan10_SOYB 034

Vampire Knights!

30jan10_SOYB 037

Lovely posing and expression!

If I were a man , I’d gladly go to the depths of flames and ocean for this damsel in distress xD

30jan10_SOYB 038

There’s so manyyyy vocaloids that day! Here’s a cute miku with foam leeks for you ^^

30jan10_SOYB 041 

Glad to see the fandom is still burninggggg. To the Haruhi cosplayer, thanks for following this blog too T_T!

30jan10_SOYB 045

Black rock shooter Miku and Kaito (shit can’t get the habit out)

30jan10_SOYB 046

Kuroshitsuji group!

30jan10_SOYB 048

The Convention centre had a nice moat thingy surrounding it. Some how this structure makes the place feels so un-Singapore-ish.

30jan10_SOYB 049 

Kawaii girls are kawaii :D

30jan10_SOYB 050

MOE goes extreme when the character starts brandishing knifes xD30jan10_SOYB 052

30jan10_SOYB 053

Rubya s Asuka from Evangelion ^_^

30jan10_SOYB 056

30jan10_SOYB 058

Hetalia ! Italia and Japan?

30jan10_SOYB 060

Kyubi and partner cosplayign as somethign I have no freakin idea what but…. THEY LOOK SO FREAKIN CUTE LAH AGHHHH!!! *kidnaps home*

30jan10_SOYB 064

Tenjo Tenge!

(Will pass you girls the high res soon!)

30jan10_SOYB 068

Zone 00 !
I love her sweet smile…so heart meltingly cute ;D


Alright, this marks the end of Photo Spammage Part One! Will be back with moarrrrrr. But for now, I’m off to KTV with my friends. Tata!!!!

Saturday, January 30, 2010


by Steven Vivero

This is a total OMG.
Kilay-kun shared the good news! which made me as a disgrace to all Sunako-Kyouhei fan.
Gee! Can't stop the nosebleeds. :D

YES! this is already confirmed, way back last month.
There will be a live action version of my ever fave love story, "The Wallflower".
Most commonly known as " Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge"
I am so excited , so elated and in the state of cloud 9.

all praises to Hiroshi, Akira and Josephine!

PinoyCosplay Presents The "Cosplayers"

Another week has come to bring a moment of fame to some shameful individuals. And this week, since we have not found a shameful individual who is worthy of a spot. So... I have decided to give a spot to some idiots or attention whores or these "cosplayers"

On the day cosplay was invented, idiots from all over the world decided to call themselves cosplayers. For what reason do they want to be cosplayers? There are many reasons actually.

First we have this girl over here. This girl dreamed of being a cosplayer. She decided to take a pic of herself and call it cosplay.
But people didn't find anything "cosplay" about it. So she hired some pervographers to take her pic. Unfortunately she got raped by them and after that they took a pic of her.
After this incident she posted her pic in and called herself a cosplayer.

Next we have this girl. She was blocking the way in a mall so the guard took a pic of her so she'd be banned there. After getting the pic from the guard she posted that pic in and called herself a cosplayer.

And then we have this girl. She is eating crepes while wearing neko ears. To her this is cosplay.

Next we have a girl who failed photoshop class. She doesn't know what to do with her picture so she posted them on and called herself a cosplayer.

During the holidays, a Christmas celebration took place. And it was the happiest moment for this girl. She was so happy that she wanted to share her memories to the world. Unfortunately she doesn't know how to use Multiply or PhotoBucket or FaceBook or those other sites. So she placed her pic in and called herself a cosplayer.

As for this... This girl loves to dress in costume, Everyday she wears a different character. And this is how she cosplays.

This little girl on the other hand cut class and went to a convention. A lot of people were fooled by her and though she was a cosplayer.

And our final girl here has an issue. She couldn't keep her clothes on. So whenever she wears this.
and this...
And this...
She considers herself a cosplayer. For her it is rare to have normal clothes... Not just her but to all the girls here. Normal clothes are not costumes. You cannot cosplay without a costume. If you call those cosplay then I guess these cosplay.

That is not cosplay... THIS IS COSPLAY!

Anyways... That is all the time we have for this week. Tune in again next week to see who gets their shot of fame.

Soy'b over!!

Wheee ! Can't believe the event is over!!!

Otsukare to all the performers, cosplayers, photographers and last but not leas to the Japanese Tsubasa club for organising!!!

Had a lot of fun playing games with my victims xD!!! Thank you to those who played! And thankies to everyone for taking my pics or saying hi to me !

Will work hard to churn pics and vids out soon !! Now for dinner! Tataaaa!!!


Cosplayer: Ele

The January Birthday Boys

Hitsuzen Inc - Bacolod Core gathered last night at Von's place to celebrate.

And to have a meeting as well since it was the following group meeting since the January Opening Blast Shoot.

Woohoot! Pizza time! And everyone's Naruto-rutohan.

Happy Birthday Ban, Vench, and Pokun!


Goin nuts with 'Haruka Kanata'!

Woohoot! Let's do it again!

Laugh of the Day

"A true ninja helps his friend get his boogers. That is my way of being a ninja." - Venjo of Konoha

Friday, January 29, 2010

Leaving in few hours.

I look absolutely wonderful----NOT. Freakin' achne due to stress this week is still on my face! I hate achne... :[ I miss having perfect skin (okay...not perfect, but close!) Grrrrrrrr.....I'll just have to bring my MaryKay make up, because it's healthier and covers better than my covergirl. Blegh. I won't have to wear a lot of make up since I'll be a boy most of the time but I still need to look sort of flawless, I'll be Ayame for goodness sakes!! :O

Anywaaaaaaaaay~!!!!!!!! Going to eat out with my mom, she gets paid today and wants to take me out because I'll be gone to this AND Texas, she'll miss me... I'll miss my mom. ;~; I love my Mom. :D!

But yeah. Um. Pretty excited. I miss San Francisco *~*! & I love my cosplay group! (even though all of them couldn't make it to this, the ones I am closest to are).

Okay...going to go brush my bird's nest out and straighten this mop (my morning hair..I fell asleep after I showered so it dried crazy~)