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Monday, January 11, 2010

Fanime Badge - Purchased!

I'm officially going to Fanime con...which I'm totally stoked about. I can't WAIT to go. We're finally all going as a group with our group cosplays. It's going to be fantastic.. ^^;

Ugh, I slept in way too late today. Keika called me and woke me up, but I told her I was glad!! I don't know why I slept in so long... Anyway, she came over and we talked. Then Robbie came over and chilled with us. I made some food and they watched me play Harvest Moon. Robbie had to leave early so Keika watched me play the game and helped me figure out some of the puzzles I had to solve. @@; This new one (Animal Parade) is pretty cute, it has more of a plot and more puzzles you need to figure out before you can do other normal things.

Oh YEAH...I possibly may be getting some red contacts for my Mercedes and even my Dark Sheik cosplay. :D I've never put in contacts before so I'm pretty nervous about the whole thing @_@; But we'll see how it goes.

Anyway...I don't feel that good so I'm going to get offline now. Good night.