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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

ANBU Fest 2010 Update

Hitsuzen Pips!

Mac, Von, and Pollen had a meeting with Tinta Productions this afternoon.

It's all set!

*ANBU Fest 2010 is a joint project by Tinta Productions and Hitsuzen Inc - Bacolod.

*ANBU Fest 2010 will be held on February 13, 2010 along with the Bacolaodiat Festival.

*ANBU Fest 2010 will be held at 888 Chinatown Square Event Center and will culminate at the Capitol Lagoon.

*Core members of Tinta and Hitsuzen will not join the activities but rather assist with the organizing.

*ANBU Fest 2010 is inviting cosplayers around the province, preferably in teams.

*Registration time on Feb 13 will be 5pm. Metz and Razel will assist with the registration.

*Hitsuzen Boys will be in charge of the obstacles for the Ninja Tissue Paper relay.


1. Registration
2. Opening Program and Introduction of Teams
3. Character Impersonation Contest
4. Ninja Tissue Paper Relay
5. Naruto Trivia Games and Intermission Numbers
6. The Amazing ANBU Race
7. Awarding Ceremony at the Capitol Lagoon
8. Cosplay Walk at the Bacolaodiat Festival area with Bantay Bata cans

*This is going to be a big event. Estimated people to attend would be 100.

*Give your best shot! Woohoot! Ganbatte!