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Thursday, January 28, 2010

AOD? Ready? ALMOST---Yes, almost!

OKAY soooooooooo....Ayame is totally finished and has been for the past week or so buuutttt I plan on taking my Chelsea cosplay too to match with Keika when she wears her Leon costume! I'll probably wear Ayame half Saturday and Chelsea the rest of the half.... then on Sunday I'll wear Ayame again because he is comfortable--unless I decide he isn't and go for Chelsea. XD

I only need to do the following:
-Pack for AOD
-Touch up Chelsea's boots, knee-pads and fix up the wig again
-Gather some treats to bring for the hotel room.

Yep. That's all...then when I get back I will be home for ONE day then go to Texas the next morning. I got to get up at the crack of freakin' dawn and then head to the airport at 7am, board at like...8:20 and leave at 8:45. I'll arrive in TX at like 3 something but it'll only be like 1pm in CA. :3 Apparently my travel time is like 4 hours and 45 mins? I have to switch planes at the LAX(LA airport) and quickly rush to my other plane that will be boarding right when I get there. Gee, that will be fun. I have no time to get lost. I just have to rush over! I'll probably ask someone where it is as soon as I get out, so I can hurry over. Ughh~!!

Anyway...I'm going to go edit a video and upload it to my youtube! :] Bai guyz~


Picture at top is my Mercedes Progress!