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Today Cosplay

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Rawr, night before we leave..

..on our adventure. EPIC adventure, I might add.

Good news. Everything is packed and ready to go.
Bad news. My Chelsea cosplay is not going and I need to email the masquarade people to let them know I will no longer be entering the costume contest. I think I'll chill and just watch everyone else (yes, I know..this is the second time I bailed out of a masquerade walk-on. :[ ) Unfortunately...the costume is more of a mess than I thought and I didn't have the right paint to fix it nor the patience to get the wig goin' for me.

It just made me I went and worked on my p. Agitha cosplay. xD I got the white shirt top of the dress done...and added the black cuffs at the end of the poofy sleeves. ~

Aside from that I am reaaallly excited and I can't wait ^~^!! The con isn't until Saturday but my friends and I are going a day early to celebrate her birthday at the Rainforest Cafe, which I think is near pier 39. I think we're going to stop by the hotel, sign in and then go to our rooms, drop our crap off and leave to eat. :] What I'm excited for is to see the cool hotel, hang out in Japantown and cosplay! Eating yummy food is nice though too.... ^________^

I think I'll write before I leave tomorrow morning. We're leaving here at we'll probably get into SF around 5? Yeah....okay, cya guys!