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Monday, November 30, 2009

Tofu Contest!

 Click here to go to their official webbie!

Or rather, NAME the Tofu Contest!

But its not just any Tofu~ It’s our very own SOYA bean Tofu Mascot!!! Yup yup~ I’m talking about a Cosplay Event. Not a grandmother’s picnic outing.

With much anticipation, SOYA is coming back again next year and the committee members are actively working their arse off now (I presume xD)!

Do show your support for the event! It’s pretty much the only “For Fans by Fans” event left in our tiny Island =)

Date: 30th January 2010
Venue: Ngee Ann Polytechnic
(Exact location to be released at a later date)

Admission Fee:
$5 (Door)
$3 (

*Ngee Ann Polytechnic students are eligible for $3 tickets if they present their Student Cards at the door.

 MICHAEL GUNDAM Vs ZOMBIESSS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

I’m sure all who went loved the epicly funny stage performances by the contestants and Emcees as much as I do! For all the Cosplay Events I’ve been to, I pretty much NEVER stay around to catch what’s going on stage. But the witty comments and highly fandom related jokes really made me stick around for more xD


okay okay, I know you guys are bored of random crowd photos. Nah, give you some moe Chiobus and Shotas below.

P1060928 copy 
It’s rare to see such a full chibi team x3. Very cute =3

I want a full team too T_T

Lucky Star!



Milk anyone :D?



Ending off with this because it’s darn cute. Sue Me :P

Sunday, November 29, 2009

cosplay shopping! (^_^)

I had lots of fun yesterday! I went cosplay shopping with my friends Keika and Ne-Chan! I now have all my fabric for Fubuki, oh and I also have most of the other stuff in his outfit. I just don't have his shoes or his giant beads.Wait I also don't have the white contacts but......that's a maybe thing! :) I mean, I really want to have them It's just everywhere i look online there like hey here's the exact contacts you need. Then I'm like sweet! but then i look and it's like $1,000,000,000,000 plus sucks! Keika found a store that sells cheaper ones that don't kill you but she doesn't know what kind of contacts they really have besides natural looking stuff. She cant go check cuz there store is REALLY far away. I'm praying they will have white! lol anywho.... After shopping I went to Keika's and we worked on cosplay for a bit! that was fun! we mostly focused on my Chidori anklets (I don't really know if I've told you guys about that cosplay) but yeah.....AND DEN! lol after that I went home to see my sis and then to Sheik-Chan's to talk about cosplay, make rice, and make a video! We both returned to my house to look at more cosplay stuffs and make chocolate pie.........YAY PIE!......Oh and I went to see New moon on Friday and it was freakin hilarious! I was (for once) the obnoxious person in the theater everyone hates. Yeah it was seriously that bad....that's my opinions I always laugh at cheesey stuff. Well that's about it besides that I am seriously excited for AOD! OH YEAH! me and Sheik-Chan found out that Sac anime 2010 is the 9th of January and I think we might go one day just for fun! But we would just chill in the halls, but still!!! That would rock!

AFA 2009: Photo Stream !

Don’t mind my lousy piccies =(

Paying to shoot Cosplays. Right or Wrong?

So there is some big hooha going around because of this . Just curious to know what is everyone's take on this ?

Personally, I'm not taking any sides. Though I do feel a little sorry to the 2 cosplayers involved for getting so much slat over this. But at the same time, I don't feel like I should offer any encouragement to them because , well, its a decision they made. They ought to have foreseen the consequences and be prepared to face it bravely.

Now to the big question, what do I feel about this? Honestly speaking , its definitely not something I admire. But at the same time, I can't find any reasons to disapprove it.

I think most cosplayer who are against it don't like it because of the negative image it is imposing on our beloved hobby. And many feel that it's wrong to make money out of this hobby because it taints the purity of one's passion for the hobby.

Well, this is not a new fight. Once again, there are those who fight to protect their vision of cosplay and others who act on their beliefs of cosplay (which happen to be different from the first bunch). In no way am I implying that they are wrong. I think it just means they have a very strong passion for cosplay and would like to preserve the hobby in its most primitive form.

Everyone has the rights to their opinion, right?.

I'll push the moral card to the end of this entry and focus on factual talk first. Here’s the usual disclaimer, I am in no way slamming any parties or any opinions but just sharing my views on some areas we might have overlooked. 


1.Urgh so commercialised!

Many think it is wrong for a cosplayer to charge photographers to take photographs of them. In another word, they think it's wrong to get paid for taking photos in cosplay costumes. If that's the case then I'm guilty as charged. For I too got paid to cosplay for the CosPa booth. And of course, the job includes letting people take pictures of me in the costume.

And I know I’m not alone. Many other cosplayers in the community have been offered various part time jobs related to Cosplays too.

Photo by jerome santos

   Like the example someone illustrated, if a make up artist who loves to make up charges others to do their make up for them. Is it wrong too?

   I seem to observed that 'Cosplay' is the only hobby that reacts so vehemently towards commercialization. It's almost like saying a boy who is obsessed with soccer should never aspire to become a full time soccer player. Because if a hobby becomes a job it taints your passion for it and gives the mass public a wrong image.

   Which randomly brings me to this point. Somehow those in this community tend to segregate those who are NOT. Kinda like harry potter and the muggles world, get what I mean? I don't know if its an intentional intent or a subconscious action. But we tend to not want to let people outside know more about us. . . me included. *shrug* Well, this is just my loose observation with no statistics backing so . . . . take it with a pinch of salt.

Anyway, back to the issue. Do I feel its ok?

Well, I don't think its a Hey cool, let's do it okay?” sort of okay but rather a “Hey, we can't stop the big flow okay?“ sort of okay.


And why do I say so?

Because for ANY sort of activity to gain popularity and be longstanding in our current times. Commercial backing IS NECESSARY. Do you think our local circle would have expanded this much if we had stuck to just For fans by fans?

AFA_Nov09 009

As much as I missed the old days where the community was so small everyone knew each other by name. We have to face the fact that no, staying fan-based wouldn't see the magnitude it is now. Which means no May'n , no ShokoTan, no Ichiro, no Yui Makino and definitely no Kaname.

P1090585 copy
Did a lousy job manipulating this blurry pic =\ Forgive me for looking so horrible, I had a very long day.

I can still remember those days where all the anime fans in Singapore felt so despondent and hopeless about ever meeting their favourite Seiyuu or becoming a Mangaka. Now the opportunities suddenly seemed endless and we are given a chance to participate.

Also, if a Photographer were to earn money by shooting photographs of Cosplayers, would we or other photographers penalize them as much? Apparently that is the case here, from what one of the Cosplayer commented, it seems like this photo shoot was organised by a photographer with an entrepreneur’s brainwork. And the cosplayers were engaged as a ‘model’ for a photo shoot with the ‘Cosplay’ theme.

Having individuals earn from this hobby is nothing new. Before we go all high and mighty about letting this hobby stay ‘un-commercialized’ look at those around us who are selling all sorts of Cosplay costumes, apparels, merchandises, beauty products and services. Even you or I might have benefitted in a way or two by selling our old costumes or wigs.

Miyuki Animation Club 2002. omg...damn cui lah T_T

   If we went back to how Cosplay was like in the old days. We wouldn’t have access to cheap china costumes, we wouldn’t have as much costume making tailors, we wouldn’t have access to cheap wigs that we can style and throw. Not to mention no access to cheap and gorgeous Geo contact lenses everyone loves.

   Such incidents are by-products of this evolution, just some individuals banking in on the novelty. If we want the rainbows, we have to bear with the rain. It’s a changing of times and if you can keep up, you can get a share of the pie. Get what I mean? 

So let us ask ourselves again, Is commercialization really bad?


 2.Who are they to charge?

Then, there are those who knit their brows not over the '’shooting fee’ but over the fact that the quality of the cosplayers don’t measure up to their standards and are not qualified to expect payment.

Now, this is one debating point I find most interesting and crudely humane xD  One of the most honest opinion imho. I can’t be bothered to comment more on this point so I’ll leave the judging to you guys but my stand is simple.


I am but a nobody, I don’t like being judged (even though there’s no escaping it) so I don’t judge others either.


3.It’s unfair to the Photographers!

Is it really?


Well I guess it would be, if the Photo shoot was held at a Cosplay Event like Cosfest, Eoy or AFA. But it seems like it will be a normal private Photoshoot held at some secluded place. Meaning to say, the photographers will get the 2 cosplayers all to themselves.

So, instead of looking upon this as payment for Cosplaying. Why don’t we look upon it as a payment for the 2 cosplayer’s time and effort?

Back to the unfair point. Well, if a photographer has tonnes of connections with Cosplayers and get invited to a Cosplay Photoshoot every other week, then of course he or she won’t  want to fork out money for this. But we’re now talking about a bunch of photographers who probably has only shot still life, models and cosplayers at events and are looking forward to something different. In another words, they are paying for the novelty experience and dedicated time of the cosplayers.

Paying isn’t totally bad either. Because now the photographers own every rights to the picture =) So no complains from random cosplayer on the alley about rude photographers posting un-glam pictures of them online and the Photographers can use the photos on their portfolio as they wish xD


4.It brings a negative image to cosplay

Yeah it probably does. But only to the Cosplay Community members. Those outside don’t give a damn and have no basis for judgment.

DSC_0260 copy
Ugly eating habits = bad image for cosplay

11thOct08_Ep1_Suzumiya 025 copy

    Why do I say “no basis for judgment” ? Because those who have no prior experience or knowledge of the hobby won’t be able to judge or critic it, get what I mean? To them, it just meant, if you want dedicated photoshoot/time with those people in fancy costumes(Cosplayers), you need to pay. They are spoon fed this idea and won’t make as much noise as we presumed they would.

    The only ones complaining are those within this community because we know more about the hobby. And I can’t blame them either as my butt is also on the fence for this point. We’ve all become so attached to this highly ‘specialised’ hobby and its hard not to let our feelings interfere.

Smoking and snot digging = bad image for cosplay







I can’t believe I wasted so much time on this entry! Totally got carried away *palms forehead*. I’m getting tired of this entry so I’m going to go ahead and conclude myself.

I think it’s pretty unfortunate for the cosplayers involved but no tissue paper from me because well, like what I’ve mentioned above. Its a decision they made themselves so they have to face the consequences themselves too.

Even though getting paid to Cosplay is not a capitol crime but the format of it wasn’t tactful enough and angered many.

One thing though, thumbs up from me to the Cosplayers involved for continuing with the project despite all this shit. They might have moved a morally arguable step but at least they kept their promise to the photographer. It’s so much easier to back down and retract their words but they didn’t =)

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Steampunk Teaser Video

Cosplayed by: CVY, BanditYing, Dan
Video By: Zerartul

Arghhhh this video totally rocked my socks! Hate you girls and guys!

Why are the cosplayers so damn cool?!?!?!?! And I love the 'One Take' style of the video. Must have been quite troublesome to execute.

I'm gonna release the video of Cvy's Steampunk costume soon! And it shows her costume in much more details xD. Look forward!!!!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Meh..Black Friday...

Went shopping today around 4am.
It was crazy-packed at Wal-Mart. Couldn't even breathe... I didn't buy anything for me, I felt selfish if I did. I didn't really buy anything cause my aunt who I've been working for isn't paying me until payday (which is Monday). ;[

I'm feelin' a bit depressed because there's so much cosplay crap I want to do but I can't afford to right now. It really sucks... I need to do something today but I feel all blah...and lazy.

(.___.); Meh. Hope everyone survived Black Friday if they went...I know I survived but shopping on 2 hours of sleep sucked hard.


P.S. I did this video the other day....No. I'm not trying to look like Yoite D:


So I went shopping on black friday....but I went later so it wasnt as bad as I thought it would be. I wanted to get some fabric for my cosplays but half way there I had realized that I had forgotten my referance pics....grrrrrrr yeah, but I did get some gift for friends and family! I believe that i'm going shopping again tomarrow with my friends just for cosplay. Ahhh its nice to do a little cosplay shopping. It cheers me right up! At the end of this month I think i'm going cosplay shopping for my shigure stuffs with Sheik-Chan! yay! Not only that but I just found out that Fanime Starts the same day as my gradnight :( ....No gradnight for Kay-Chan lol I think I would have more fun at Fanime. NO I know I would have more fun XD so yeah that was today....oh and I think i'm gonna style my Chidori wig a bit more this weekend! woohoo! Well thats it! Bye bye peoples!

La Verdadera Kipi = The Real Kipi

HAve anyone seen this before?

Edit: Realise I accidentally published this entry prematurely. Added my intended comments below =)

Honestly, the 'before' picture is so damn fake! This guy/girl obviously photoshopped Kipi's usual photo to look 'uglier', THEN did this video.

Pretty pointless of a video if you ask me.Makes me wonder what is the motive behind this.

AFA 09: interview with the regional Cosplay Winners!

Congratulations to Clive & Caroline for winning! Thank you for nabbing the prize and bringing glory to our countrymen!

In this video, they talk about they thoughts of their win and their impressino of Kaname the Judge. Seems like Kaname was a very through judge who would bother to look at the front, bank and even under sides of a costume!

Haha, Maria was telling me how much she panicked when Kaname inspected her armour. He totally went straight to places she didn't want him to see and saw all the untidy cardboard underneath xD. Goes to show Kaname really knows where to look huh ^_~

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

AFA Day One !

Anime Festival Asia came and ended with a blast! Sorry this entry came slightly late, life was seriously consuming me.

sakurazaki_naoki_03 (1)

Picture taken by Sakurazaki naoki

So much to talk about! I was one of Cospa’s booth girl on Day 1 so I didn’t get to walk around as much. But it was an eye opening experience and I especially love playing the Ja-Ken-Pon Game with everyone! It was the highlight of the job and pretty much….the only useful things we could do as a Booth Girl |||oTL

I’m so not used to being a Vase =\

But anyway, coming back. I thought it was pretty cool how the usually bashful singaporeans could open up and

dance/play along with us. I guess that’s what make events like these fun! We can cast our stringent masks and discipline aside to enjoy and indulge ourselves a little =)

If you missed our Ja-Ken-Pon Session the 2 days at AFA, you might wanna check out this video.

Danny Choo and Alodia joined us at the last game of the day. We were supposed to play the game at 6pm but we started at 5:45pm instead because the two celebrities happened to hopped by and decided to join our game. So we started earlier.

Danny Choo seemed like a nice guy and Alodia is drop dead gorgeous. I don’t understand how she can wear a wig the whole day and still have some pretty , straight and smooth hair afterwards! Is it the phillippines water???

Oh, speaking of which, if anyone of you missed the Regional Cosplay Competition like I did. You might wanna check out these videos.

Phillippine: Witchblade 

LED and fiberglass weapons *_* I’m sorry if I sound pervy but *cough* boobies *_*!!!!!!!!11

Singapore: Sakura Taisen

Live singing! Gotta hand it to our ladies here for daring to sing LIVE! A pity the sound system didn’t seem so good =\

I love how true they were to the real ST show and the whole stage ‘drama aura’ really brings you into the series.

Singapore:  Gundam 00

Love the gundam! As a mecha, your movements are obviously very obstructed. So I think it’s pretty cool Clive could still deliver some sort of performance in that suit.

Thailand: Houshin Engi

Their pet props were soooooooooo adorable!!!!! I had the chance to touch their props backstage and their ‘sipuxiang’ were freakin HEAVY!!!! the whole thign was actually strapped and hanging from their shoulders so you can imagine the pain >.<! I think it was around 5 kg or so….

I’ve been wanting to do Taikoubou since forever but never got a chance to really do it. So I was pretty surprised to see someone do this relatively ‘vintage’ series. Much loves to people who do classics cosplay XD!!!


Malaysia: Code Geass

Hahaa… I was so not expecting a Code Geass to pull a somewhat comedic skit. I love the part where Cloud came out xD I wonder how Kaname felt watching it.

*goes to corner and ROFL*

Masako and Sizer did great with their props though its a pity the skit didn’t showcase their costumes more. Can really tell how much fun they had with the skit xD


Indonesia: Lineage II

Awesome props and costumes lah !!!! How do the indonesian do it ?!?! I’m usually not a big fan of elaborate costumes but they are totally worshippable *bows and worships*!!


Some random videos I paparazzi-ed while at the booth. Danny Choo and Alodia shaking hands with Sharon and Kenneth.


Because I was stuck at the booth the whole day and was too tired to stay for the concert, you could say I missed out many part of the event. And I missed out a lot if not almost all the cosplays of Day 1. If you missed out like me, fear not! Here is internet and Youtube to the rescue!!!

Don’t you just lurvvvveee broadband and Web 2.0 ?????? xDDDD




Gonna end this entry with a video some of you guys might have already seen at my Youtube Channel xD.

I was soooo frikin tired I was doozing off… not KNOCKING out on the train back home! I tried to watch the videos I captured on my camera but within 6 seconds of playing it my heads were already dropping! 

In case you’re interested, my schedule that day was. Sleep 3am in the morning, rushing Day 2 costume and woke up 6am in the morning. Did my basic make up at home, then went down to Suntec. Started booth work around 10am (late T_T). After that, it was near 8 hours of standing. We did seat down time to time and had our lunch break of course, but it was still a very physically straining job. So yeah…. could barely lift my eyes!

More about the event at my next entry I guess. For now…time to sleep!

Do you like waffles...?


I don't think Hatori likes waffles that much...

I hope Gure and I find a Hatore. ;~;

Monday, November 23, 2009


I love my hairz. I also love goofin' off on photoshop and being a 'tard.

My phone was being stupid today too. Freakin' tickin' me off. I also tried getting ahold of Gure but apparently.....HE WAS TOO BUSY FOR ME D:<


Ayame & Shigure FOREVER. XD

I went to Gure's house yesterday....We drove down main street first (Yes, he let me drive!!). ALL the stores we thought we might stop by were closed. Who closes at 11pm? CHEAP. We were like "What the heeeeeeeeck.....". So we stopped by Valero and got some hot chocolate (Gure got some other coffee cacca) then headed to his house.
Oookaaay, back to Sheik and Kay-chan.. After Kay's big dog of drooling doom (Demetri, her St.Bernard) knocked my hot cocoa and slightly burned my haaaand....we chilled at the computers and watched Fruits Basket moments. We were cracking up...I miss that show. Heheheh. It was fun though. :] We also started working on styling her wig for Chidori but didn't finish. It'll take longer than I thought it would to begin with.

I haven't bought anything for my Ayame cosplay though...aside from the wig which hasn't come in yet (probably in like a week in a half or more). Kay-chan bought a pattern we'll use though for the tops...I kind of want to buy the pants if I can find matching cotton pants. I just really don't want to make the pants...and then they turn out like crap and I wasted fabric. I can't afford to waste fabric right now. ;_;

Aww...I'm tired. Please check out Kay-chan's blog if you haven't! :]


Saturday, November 21, 2009

I know I just posted something like two seconds ago but I was so happy! I just got my room for AOD and its gonna be an awesome place for photo shoots, I can tell ya that. Especially sense were cosplaying fruits basket, this might be confusing to most people ...well I guess you'll understand when you see the pictures. Just thought I'd throw a short lil post about my happiness in here! XD

AOD 2nd cosplay!

Okay peoples, I was at my friend Sheik-Chan's party last night and of course Keika, Ne-chan, and I got distracted with cosplay and before we new it everyone else was gone and we are all just sitting there still discusing cosplay. haha anywho, during that discussion they explained a misunderstanding and that's how I figured out my second cosplay for AOD! After Shigure of course, I will be cosplaying Fubuki from disgaea 2! I'm going to get white contacts and everything! I'm so excited! I cant wait to get started on these cosplays! I will do my best! Here is fubuki in all his awesomeness XD

Friday, November 20, 2009

D: New Blogger...

My friend Kay-chan (My Shigure~!!) converted into bloggism so now she has a blog on here. D: Feel free to add her, you guys. She's cool... D: AND BECAUSE I said so. Heheheheh. I'm pretty sure that's the link. If anything she's one of my followers..--->>

Alright! Got to go...I have more cleaning to do before the gathering begins..(Here)

Oh and my hair is black now. I missed it. *~* Pics later...

COUNTING DOWN TO AFA 2009!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11


I managed to sneaked into the event hall xD 

Will be doing asuka from evangelion tmr at the Cospa booth. Hope i don't screw up >.<!

See you guys tmr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Kuroishitsuji Cosplay, Eye candy Splash!

The Anime/manga is a very fluid and fickle world. Just like any other forms of ‘pop’ entertainment, if you don’t actively follow up with the trends, you will soon get abandoned behind. And the popularity of a series is most quickly assessed by a walk around a Cosplay Event hall.

Because that’s where people show their love in the most honest and upfront way =)

One of the series to take the cosplay World by storm is “Kuroshitsuji” also known as “The Black Butler”. The  Manga was written and drawn by Yana Toboso, in the shōnen manga magazine Monthly GFantasy . The manga debuted in October 2006.

But the climax for the series came when it was decided to be animated. The Anime aired in October 2008 on the Tokyo Broadcasting System as well as the Mainichi Broadcasting System. Which is also roughly when the big Cosplay craze started (i think).

So below are some of the awesome Kuroshitsuji Cosplay Photos I have come across online. Hope you will enjoy the eye candy splash! Note that I am not a fan of the series so my POV might be a leeeeeetle different. Don’t put me down for that hokays :D?

The photos come in no special order. 

That Butler, So Useful by ~Mouichi

Lovely costumes! I love how you can see the details of the costumes (Especially Ciel’s) even amidst the low light photo. Love Ciel’s expression and pose too xD

Black Butler by *Yukilefay

Love the ‘spooky’ edit :D! Also love how the red wine brings a sparkling touch of colour to the otherwise monochrome photo.



His butler by ~perhydrol

Cosplayers who bother to find uber awesome locations to shoot at are uber awesome. Nuff said! Special loves to the photographer in keeping both the cosplayer and the backdrop nicely in frame. Wide angle lens?

I also like how sterling silver the buttons look! Great material no :D?




That Butler, So Charming by ~Scootkadoot

I lurvvveee how the fabrics and texture came out in this picture. I also love the shade of Ciel’s wig :D Apparently the cosplayer (ScootKadoot) Made the entire costume by herself from scratch with no pattern. Very impressed *_*

Delicious Treat by ~Scootkadoot

Another photo by the same cosplayer as above. I’m not sure if the colours are authentic to the charcater or not but I absolutely love her wig colour!!! A nice close up where you can see the details a cosplayer have put into bringing the character to life.

And I hate Caucasians for having such defined contours and features! ArgH! They don’t even need to draw crazy eye make up @_@

Kuroshitsuji-Pictures In Red by ~love-squad

Again, I’m loving the backdrop. Chandelier *_* Also loving the simple elegance yet realistic pose of the cosplayer. Posing is SUCH an important thing cosplays yet its so easily screwed. But Love-Squad did a great job here =)

Love how neat and tidy the entire costume is =) Though personally I find the red under eye makeup a little distracting.

Black Butler Ranmao by ~evalime

Definitely not one of the most commonly seen Kuroshitsuji Cosplays. So coming from a non fan POV I can’t comment much on character portrayal and what not. but the details of her costume and the rich tones of the photograph really pulled my attention towards it.

The cosplayer is very beautiful too. The attention paid to all the little details from the Hair tassels, all the way to her make up, sets her apart from the rest.



Madam Red and Grell by our favourite Decadence/ Koshinaka & Kanasaiii. I love the colour treatment here. I know nothing about the series except its smexy Shinigamis. Anyone care to enlighten me the story behind this photo?

Did Grell killed Mdm Red =X??


Black Butler – 01 by ~Kanasaiii

The insane Grell by Kanasaiii. Seeing her in this costume in real life was a killer. You either feel like smacking her or want to jump off some cliff because your stomach hurts from laughing too much.  Seriously, her EYEBROWS are so LOL!!!!!!!

Okay, that aside, I love her wig. And all the accessories on her. Her anal dedication to perfection and details are apparent in the photos =)

The Black Bartender by ~LennethXVII

Lenneth as the smexy butler of the series. The playboy everyone likes XD. Lenneth has fabulous poses as usual and I like the bg used. It somehow gives  it a very apt Jazz feel LOL

  CIRCUS: Now Seating by ~LennethXVII

Love the bg =) I think he yellow tassels did a fabulous job standing out from the dark bg.

Deliri as Madame Red

Hauntingly well done photos along with a storyline. READ IT HERE. Or did the photos come along with the story?

I love the Photo story caption style some cosplayers use. It always make me feel like I’m flipping a photo story of the series/character rather than looking at some human posing in costumes. Of course, no offence to cosplayers who do the normal photos, I’m one of them too *guiltys*.

It’s just that telling it in a short story style really sets a series of photo apart. And when people look at it, due to both the time spent looking at more photos and reading it, they can internalise what was presented. The series and trademark of the character is easily etched into the hearts of the audience within that short time frame.

Maybe next time I’ll introduce a range of such photo stories XD

Back to the photos. A lot of effort was spent setting up the different age and situations. Only with intense passion for the character can anyone do that!

Isn’t the above photo lovely? I love the petal placement and the intense redness of the entire photo.

Deliri as Madame Red

Mdm Red in her youth =) Frikin cute freckles!!




Kuroshitsuji - Red like roses by *Miyukiko

I love the yellowish and somewhat ‘aged artwork’ colour treatment here. Don’t really see Kuroshitsuji photos with this tone of colour. I love the set up! Take a look at the spooky skull head peeking from behind the chocolate cake xD

The cosplayers looked like they were very beautiful themselves. But they blend too much into the background (lovely wallpaper!) and don’t catch my attention as much =\





Kuroshitsuji : Contract by ~neni-chan

Lovely colours and details. I love how the velvet shows up so nicely =) Collage is a nice way to focus attention on different aspect of a costume without seeming too random XD

Also loving how blue the roses look! And lovely cosplayer of course xD


Kuroshitsuji ::13 by *Cvy

I love the special theme of the photo and how artistically shot it is! The texture of the velt in the background with just enough space for the words, and of course, the tassels dangling at ease.

Much credit goes to Cvy for her lovely pose and costume. I’m sure that pose was aching to hold. And the front frills look like a nightmare to fix O_O


More from Cvy. My most favourite (can you put ‘most’ and ‘favourite’ after each other XD?!!) Ciel.

She’s such a cute and TINY one. Ciel her to a T!!


I like ‘normal day clothes’ cosplays. It always feel so refreshing =) And of course, above pic so smackin sexily done! XDXD


Sorry, the first thing I could say when I saw this was ; BOOBIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Okay, I love the light. How it focus on the face and top of the cosplayers. Though I wish a little more light would reach Koshinaka’s character. lol. Sounds weird. Anyway, I love the expression of the characters =) And the little details like tattoos  and sash etc.


koshinaka as Mdm Red in her default outfit. Very very red *_*

-Goodbye...-by ~Jesuke

Pretty Face >m < I love this side profile of her with the rest of the member’s back facing us. Such a simple yet emotional piece. I also love the lighting set up here. A strong key light casting strong shadows and reflecting a quiet somber story.




Kuroshitsuji: N-not there.. by ~xCytheria

Okay “Kuro” Fans, please tell me if this was supposed to be funny? Because it made me LOLed for some reason. I love how the reflection of the face was caught so perfectly on the floor. Lovely eye makeup and wig too!


Okay. So… I’ve exhausted a big portion of your bandwidth for this entry. Banzaii to Broadband! My last 2 sentence contradicts each other @@:

Anyway, hope you enjoyed this candy splash that I’ve tediously put together for all of you! Be sure to come back for more hokays~

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first blog!

This is my first blog....if the title didn't tip you off ...XD well, I'd just like to talk about cosplay sense that is what I will obviously be focusing on, because....that is my life. My closest cosplay event is AOD in San Fransisco! I hope I can see a few of you there XD! I am cosplaying as shigure from Fruits Basket! My friend is cosplaying as Ayame with me! I cant wait! I ordered my wig for this cosplay yesterday! The hotel where the con is being held is really nice! To be honest its awesome on every level! OH, and the con is on my birthday, its going to be my best birthday party ever...XD....
Well, I think that's enough for now! see ya! :P

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Re-post: R.I.P. Beeb.

My hamster was found dead today. :( When I went to feed him he didn't move from his little red tube...He was stiff.

I cried really bad. I didn't even think I'd take it so hard. It was mostly because of the guilt I felt. I felt I had neglected him. He was staying at my dad's while I've been living at my moms. I fed him every few days..and I should have taken better care of him and fed him more... He didn't allow me to hold him so I never did. He was always scared of me the day I got him. .__. Sometimes I'd feel like crying seeing the boring life he had. All he could do was run in his wheel...and sleep.

Ugh...It's just depressing right now. I feel so bad... I burried him under the bush infront of my mom's place. I placed a little red rose over it too. (._______.)

R.I.P. Beeb 11-18-09

Back to Black.

Kay-chan is coming over today and we'll be going to Wal-mart to buy hair dye. I'm going back to black hair...and she's redying hers because it faded. THEN we plan on adding a blonde streak in somewhere. ;D

I'm going to help her buy a wig online that she wants. She doesn't have a card so I buy it for her with mine and then she just pays me the money in cash. Tis all good. :D We love wigs...ahhhhhhhhhhh XDDDDDDDDDDDD I've never actually cosplayed anyone and used my real hair. o__o; Hrm.

So excited. My friend Keika even said if she can, she'd do Akito (she's going as Leon from Tales of Destiny) but she really liked FruitsBasket so yeah. Her hair is just like Yuki's but she can't stand him..and Akito looks kind of like him so yeah. XD It's too bad we don't have a Hatori. I think he's cool D:. Especially since he's best friends with Ayame and Shigure.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

We fail at making up our minds. (-__-);

Indeed we do. So unfortunately we will not be doing our Ouran High School Host Club (Long name -__-) crossplay for AOD. FORTUNATELY...we've gone back to doing Ayame and Shigure (Kay-chan and I) which makes me very happy because I love Ayame. I'm year of the snake too...not that it really matters. XD

Heh heh...Oh yeah did I mention...I BOUGHT MY SILVERY WHITE WIG FOR AYAME TOO?!?! I couldn't handle it. I found one on sale for $26. An ebay store online was having a wig sale for these coming Holidays so I took advantage and purchased it!
Tis a lovely wig indeed, I must say.

Outfit I want to do. I will hopefully look man enough in it.

The wig I got. :]