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Friday, January 8, 2010

Movies + Cosplay = BAD

Everytime I put on a movie, my friends are too distracted and don't get any progress done...XD Sooooo next time, I'm not puttin on a dang movie! I think I'll put on some nice little classical music or something upbeat but not distracting.Hehe. At least I get to see them though...I just get anxious to see progress :D!!!! Oh, I sewed on more buttons and added the white to the cuffs of my uniform top. I keep thinking I'll finish and then I run into something else. I SHOULD be done tomorrow!!>---
I'm watching this movie called "Koizora"(恋空). It's pretty cute...but dramatic. (o_o); Ah well...the Japanese romance movies and 'doramas' are usually pretty dramatic. XD People get PWNED, especially the girls! Heheheh.

Okay..I think I'm going to sleep.

疲れた. お休みなさい (e___e);!