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Sunday, January 31, 2010

AOD = Epic? Possibly...I SUPPOSE?

AOD, con wise---ehhh, it was small (which was a known fact), the place was nice, but there wasn't that much to do...really. We mostly walked around and looked at either art or dealer hall stuff. When that got boring (which is sort of did...EVEN THOUGH there were tons of talented artist, I just didn't have cash on me the whole trip so I didn't buy anything at the con :P) we left to Japantown and chilled there. Ate at a nice Japanese restaurant and checked out some of the shops. I love Japantown, it's so nice and pretty *~*;

Ahem..back to AOD. So I only brought my Ayame costume right? It was simple and kind of boring after a while....when I wasn't with Momiji and Shigure I felt like I blended in everywhere. Then I wore a tie with my shirt unbutton the next day but people started to mistake me for Squalo Superbi from Reborn! lol.. WHICH in fact I love Squalo--and had to admit after I looked in the mirror that I did look like I was cosplaying him. XD Later on I changed (both days actually) because the long wig bugged the crap out of me. It tangles SO easily. I'm buying my wig from CosplayDNA(ebay store) next time because those wigs are gorgeous and around the same freakin' price! They're also heat resistant and de-tangle very easily :D But yeah....I kind of regretted not bringing my Chelsea cosplay (e_e); I would have entered it in the costume contest with Keika as Leon (Since he's from TOD too). My other friends entered though. Kay-chan and Ne-chan entered their Disgaea II costumes and won..BEST OF SHOW!!!!! I was SOOO happy and I was very happy to hear they went by "PaperSwordPart" because that's our cosplay group! At first I wasn't sure if they'd win. There were A LOT of awesome costumes!! Some of the ones that won though I was kind of like , "Ehh.." but I mean...the judges saw something in those ones so whatever, it's cool :) Everyone deserves to win sometimes!

I'm happy they won, not just because they are my friends but because a lot of money and work went into those freakin' costumes...@_@ They went for every detail! It was crazy...and to think I almost brought Flonne too, meaning I would have been up there with them too. XP Oh well, it's fine..... My other two friends won some Hall cosplay stuff, I was happy for them as well. I was the only one who didn't win anything..because I only brought my Ayame one which I'm sure they thought I bought or something. I don't know. It's totally fine ^___^;;; (I SHOULD HAVE BROUGHT KAI, DANG'IT....XD Naaaaah). Oh yeah! I met my friend "Rose"(Not sure if that's your real name or what you just go by..sorry T__T) on here too! She had an awesome Amaterasu cosplay, she won second runner up for it too. I was happy for her, she worked hard with that dang fur lol. :)

Ahh, but yaaaaaaah. Looooong post. I think I'll make a video right now. I don't know. I really want to but I feel tired!! Ehhhgheheheheh.

I was so happy to see PikminLink again! She's so sweet and awesome..of course. :D

I didn't make her stand up because she was tired, so I just sat down too. XP