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Today Cosplay

Friday, January 22, 2010

Hidee-ho~Here we go!

I'z had my cosplay group over---okay not everyone but the closer members of the group. We all worked on our AOD stuff (We're the only ones going to this cause only a few could go).

I am happy to see some progress going on. Kay-chan has some up...if you don't follow her blog you SHOULD and you should leave her a nice comment n_n

I'm uploading a videeeooooo I made which has some video clips from our weird cosplay weekend party and our little meet tonight. :] So you can go to my youtube if you want in hour and a half when it decides to FINISH UPLOADING -growls-. Ahem, but anyway...only 1 week until AOD. I am very excited....

For now though..I'm going to go back to watching Junjou Romantica. It seems it was made to quench the thirst of yaoi-hungry fangirls and it's also confusing. XD I just want to see how everything ties in together..I'm not much of a yaoi fan anymore, but I can still handle watching it I guess. o_o; Anyway, baaai!


P.S. I am tasting the rainbow.. aka eating YUMMY SKITTLES :DDDDDDD