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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Mercedes Progress - 1/16/10

Almost done with putting the tiara together! Just need to add some painting finishes to the flowers, as well as the tiara and then put the flowers along the top. ^~^ I'm actually happy with how the "vine" tiara turned out! It's actually durable and not all fragile. :3!

I'm going to work some more on it tonight and possibly do a little update video for my youtube channel! I might add some pictures of my friend's party last night. Well---it was more of a get-together. It was pretty funny... XDD CRAZY stuff happened. Of course crazy stuff happens when cosplayers get bored in one house...with no 'rents. :D


P.S. Found a photographer who's going to AOD and wants to take pics of our Fruits Basket group... We even have a Tohru now! I'm so happy...I just wish we had a Kyo ;~;!!