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Saturday, January 30, 2010

PinoyCosplay Presents The "Cosplayers"

Another week has come to bring a moment of fame to some shameful individuals. And this week, since we have not found a shameful individual who is worthy of a spot. So... I have decided to give a spot to some idiots or attention whores or these "cosplayers"

On the day cosplay was invented, idiots from all over the world decided to call themselves cosplayers. For what reason do they want to be cosplayers? There are many reasons actually.

First we have this girl over here. This girl dreamed of being a cosplayer. She decided to take a pic of herself and call it cosplay.
But people didn't find anything "cosplay" about it. So she hired some pervographers to take her pic. Unfortunately she got raped by them and after that they took a pic of her.
After this incident she posted her pic in and called herself a cosplayer.

Next we have this girl. She was blocking the way in a mall so the guard took a pic of her so she'd be banned there. After getting the pic from the guard she posted that pic in and called herself a cosplayer.

And then we have this girl. She is eating crepes while wearing neko ears. To her this is cosplay.

Next we have a girl who failed photoshop class. She doesn't know what to do with her picture so she posted them on and called herself a cosplayer.

During the holidays, a Christmas celebration took place. And it was the happiest moment for this girl. She was so happy that she wanted to share her memories to the world. Unfortunately she doesn't know how to use Multiply or PhotoBucket or FaceBook or those other sites. So she placed her pic in and called herself a cosplayer.

As for this... This girl loves to dress in costume, Everyday she wears a different character. And this is how she cosplays.

This little girl on the other hand cut class and went to a convention. A lot of people were fooled by her and though she was a cosplayer.

And our final girl here has an issue. She couldn't keep her clothes on. So whenever she wears this.
and this...
And this...
She considers herself a cosplayer. For her it is rare to have normal clothes... Not just her but to all the girls here. Normal clothes are not costumes. You cannot cosplay without a costume. If you call those cosplay then I guess these cosplay.

That is not cosplay... THIS IS COSPLAY!

Anyways... That is all the time we have for this week. Tune in again next week to see who gets their shot of fame.