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Thursday, February 18, 2010

What I think about ANBU Fest 2010

by Von Fritz Evangelista

Much has been said about the recent success of ANBU Fest 2010, the first ever cosplay convention in the province and in Western Visayas. Here’s what I think...

So it was a joint project of TINTA Productions and my team, Hitsuzen Inc – Bacolod. After about two months of preparation for the event, ANBU Fest 2010 became a dream that burst into reality. And it wasn’t just that. Being a member of the organizing committee meant a lot of sacrifice and facing some conflicts within the team.

I feel guilty I didn’t do much, with my job hindering me. And with people thinking of me as the leader of my team, I did fail everyone by being not participative at times. I’m a nurse. I take care of sick people. And I do love cosplaying at the same time. In my case, it’s a great sacrifice not thinking of my patients for a while and spend some time preparing my costumes. During the preparations for ANBU Fest, I attended a few meetings and just kept updated with some of my teammates who were active. People might not understand but it’s a great effort for me trying to attend those few meetings and setting aside my very busy job.

To Katz, I’m saying this for the nth time...Gomen nasai. Yeah, you told me enough of this drama and just rock on. But no. I just hate myself for being so sensitive. I deserve this effin guilt. I’d like to congratulate you and your team for a job well done. And it’s just awesome how you managed to balance your time with ANBU Fest and your other project. How I wish I could sacrifice as big as this. To Fufu, arigato for the online comfort. Haha. Somehow, it lessened the guilt.

To my team, Hitsuzen Inc – Bacolod, that was it guys. Not bad for a newly formed team, eh? To Mac, thanks for updating me all the time. I knew I could count on you with the meeting agenda. To Ban, thanks for the lechon manok you gave us for lunch. I would have wanted to prepare a great meal for all of us but I was broke due to my prize donations. To the rest of the team, thanks for bringing it last Saturday. We had fun and we made a hundred people happy as well. Now I have a suggestion and I’ll grab this opportunity to propose it. Hitsuzen Inc – Bacolod is composed of nine core members. Now Katz and Fufu advised it would be better if there’s someone in the core to lead us all. We need a LEADER and we should vote for it. I have someone in mind. I hope we could settle this on our next bonding moment.


Cosplaying is more than just a hobby for me. It keeps me sane. It’s my diversion from my harsh reality of working in the hospital. Die hard cosplayers may disagree with my way as a cosplayer. But this is me. I cosplay the way I want it to be.

When I cosplay, I don’t spend much. If I could have the costume for less, I’d go for it. I’m into recycling most of the time. My costumes suck but with saving some bucks, at least I’m almost there. It might be a different story if I cosplay for a contest. Maybe I should exert much effort for that.

I’m an egotistic person. Cosplaying then is a perfect hobby for the likes of me. Sorry if this may attribute to vanity. Yes, I’m vain. It’s a defense mechanism, though. I want to let people see me happy in pictures...of which I’m not in reality.

In cosplay events, I’m more of a spectator than a cosplayer myself. After all, I started as someone who admires cosplayers. I used to take pictures of myself with people in costumes. Now that I wear costumes, I couldn’t help it but take photos of myself with cosplayers still.


I’m just glad that ANBU Fest 2010 wasn’t a flop. Yeah, there were some flaws. But those were least for a first convention in the province. The number of people who witnessed the event was bigger than anticipated and we from the organizing teams were happy giving joy to a lot of souls. One thing is certain: There are a lot of anime freaks in Bacolod...particularly Naruto fans.

There were about 80 cosplayers who registered in the event. Good. At least we could see some sunshine for the future cosplay conventions in the city. Maybe if the news were spread months earlier, or that ABS-CBN released the commercial a LOT earlier, then more had come.

I was happy some people I invited did come. Most of them I’ve only seen for the first time...since we only knew each other in the internet. Some of them came from far towns in the province. I kept on asking them if they had fun. Yes they did. At least their presence didn’t go down the drain.

The kids! About 40% of the cosplayers were younglings. So kawaii. Especially the one who became the Darling of the Crowd...the little Naruto. Haha. Imagine how supportive the parents of those kids are.

The sight of cosplayers gathering was euphoric. Yeah, that was the first cosplay convention in the city...and the first one I attended as well. Whoa! I used to see cons only in the internet. Now I experienced being on it. Truly amazing. And meeting cosplayers were great...imagine sharing the same interests.

I’d like to mention this. Elie’s friend Adik foreseen the problem with the Amazing ANBU Race. And there was, indeed. Goosebumps. The rest of the games were fine. And congratulations to the winners of special awards!

Now everything we did was for the benefit of Bantay Bata. After the event, we headed at Lacson Street, the venue of Bacolaodiat Festival. Wow! It’s like Masskara Festival in early February. Lots of people. And that meant lots of donations in our cans.

We spent the rest of the dawn at the stairs of the capitol building. Talks and talks. Snores. I began sneezing out of fatigue and early morning allergy. And now as I write this, I’m in a hospital bed wearing a hospital gown with this effin intravenous fluid connected in my arm.

I’m sick after ANBU Fest...but it was all worth it.