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Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentine's Day Special.

Today. Instead of giving shameful being to you people. We have decided to give love. And what better way to give love than by helping those social reje... I mean.... Nice people of the cosplay community get a date on Valentine's Day. So... I introduce you women to some bachelors.

Our first bachelor is none other than Chanemperor.
Chanemperor is a famous and talented photographer and a cosplayer. He can wield his chi... I mean sword to cut open the way of love. (that doesn't make any sense... But, oh well.) Chanemperor is also a martial artist. He has trained in the ancient arts of Chin-Fu.
With his skills in the arts of Chin-Fu, he can have his way with any girl he wants.
And turn them into his... Errr... RAWR-Mates.
Apparently our bachelor here has a fetish for... Well... You ladies get what I mean.

What he looks for in a girl? He likes them young. He likes to turn them into daughters and play games such as PedoBear, Daddy Don't Touch Me and many more...

So if you girls are interested in Gian. Feel free to contact him here.

Moving on to our second Bachelor. He is a former Hall of Shamer here and is one of the oldest men in the cosplay community. He hates Allegators and has the ability to cosplay into a white bitch. I present RG.
RG is a great film maker. He has produced lots of stu... I mean great films that paved the way to a new breed of cosplaying to our beloved cosplay community.
RG loves his gadgets and he talks about them a lot, even in his sleep.
RG also ha a killer smile to woo the ladies.
If that doesn't work. He'll just have them drink some drugged wine and he'll fashionplay girls.

What RG is looking for? As you all know. He's getting old already and after achieving a successful life of establishing an already dead company (WAA) and screwing some cosplayers out of their money. He needs to settle down and have a successor. He needs to have someone who would change his diaper and wipe his ass. And most importantly a girl who is willing to produce this.
Baby RG.

So... To those interested in him. Feel free to contact him here.

Our third bachelor is another former Hall of Shamer. None other than Lusanto.
Lusanto is a social reject who nobody cares about.
He spends a lot of his time taking pictures of himself instead of socializing.
Well... Whatever... God damn it! ANYWAYS... FUCK YOU LUSANTO!

What he seeks in women? Anyone he could stalk. So for those interested in this creep. Here.

Moving on to bachelor number 4. We have Omar54.
Omar54 is a cyborg who was sent from the future to stop himself from killing his wife in the present and also himself. Despite his violent nature Omar54 is a fun and loving guy.
But because of his violent nature. He needs a girl to take care of him and heal his wounds and his battle scars.
So if you ladies are interested in someone heroic. Just contact Omar54 here.

And next in line is last week's Hall of Shamer. Mike03. Just browse through our blogs to know more about him.
Yeah... This guy is heaven-sent.
Although... There is one thing that he's really interested in. Ever wonder why he's an X-Men member? It is because he's an Ex-Man. He's gay (nothing wrong with that) He likes men... Look at how he checks out his fellow X-Men.

So guys... If you're buff and manly and would like to go to the gym together with Mike03. Feel free to contact him here.

Our next bachelor is a little one. If memory serves me right he is the first guy who got punched in a convention. Here he is Richard.
After getting beaten up in conventions, Richard trained himself with some martial arts.
He may look underage but he's actually on his 20's already.
He's got a shota image that charms shotacons, even the Goddess fell for him.

What he's looking for in women? I don't really know... But shotacons out there. Here is his contact. Click here...

So... We go on with the list... And next we have a perverted bisexual. I present to you Sinackular or Diggy.
Diggy is a perverted guy who would take advantage of every situation just to touch women.
He may drug their drink and rape them when they're out.
Or threaten them with a big weapon.
But that is what makes him special, he's a perverted guy who would do anything to get near girls. You ladies might be wondering why Chanemperor has more girls than Diggy even though Diggy looks better than Chanemperor. Well... Diggy is a girl beater. He beats up women who don't admire him. He's a very very vain person.

What he's interested at? Girls who would do webcam shows for him and watch him strip in YM. If you ladies are interested in that. Here is his contact.

Annnnd... Last but not least. We have a WEIRD FAIL NOOB (according to his profile) And he is one of the top pervographers other than Chanemperor. Presenting our last bachelor. Z3ll...
Z3ll is the leader of the pervographer horde. And is kinda psychotic.
Sometimes takes pills that go beyond what the doctor prescribed.
Which causes him to get in trouble.
Wanted for car theft, rape, murder indecent exposure, women trafficking and piracy.
So to all the ladies who want a bad boy. Go ahead and contact Z3ll right here.

Now... I hope that would help you people get dates this Valentine's Day. I've posted this early because I would be busy later on. And its to make up for the late entry last week. I hope you guys have a romantic weekend. Happy Valentine's Day to you all.

Also... I will be accepting chocolates from you ladies out there. Whoever gives me chocolates, would get a chance to get white chocolates on White Day. You know how to contact me.

Anyways... The sun is up and I have to sleep. Tune in again next week to see who gets featured in PinoyCosplay's Hall of Shame.