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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

OtakuExpo 2010

It is a lazy afternoon so I might as well post this.

There were police officers after me Saturdays ago or during the day of Otaku Expo and what better way to hide than to go to a cosplay convention. And so, I got my costume and camera then went to the first convention of the year.

As soon as I got there, it was like there was no convention at all. The mall near our place is more crowded than this. And so I decided to go inside the convention and do some shopping. And I wasn't able to buy the things that I wanted. So I did what I usually do next. Take pictures of the cosplayers.

Posted it on FB. Uploading is faster there. Just took me a few mins.

Anyways... After taking pics of the cosplayers I decided to take a seat on the chairs inside the convention area, the ones beside the meido cafe. And some retards from the maid cafe told me to move away from those seats. Because those are for TAKE OUT customers of the meido cafe. Now... Who the fuck thought of that? TAKE OUT. What the fuck were they thinking? Its like putting up chairs in the take away area of the store. And why the hell did they put that much seats? Usually, take out waiting area only has a chair or two for the customers to wait while the staff wrap their meals. Is their service too slow, that they need a lot of chairs for it? Perhaps the service really is slow, since their official event photographer spent the entire convention harassing the maids while hiding in the meido cafe.

I didn't bother going inside the meido cafe. They didn't allow cameras and laptops inside (perhaps an orgy is happening and they didn't want us to get pictures of it) and I can't even get a look at the food they serve (I usually look at the food before I eat, I'm not eating and paying for some low class expensive food.)

As for the cosplayers. Same old, nothing new.

Overall. I think the event was fucked up. The organizers were dumb, some aren't even doing their jobs (Chanemperor). And nothing special. I didn't bother going to day 2 because I'll just see some tard knight action. Although it would have been nice having Alodia bowing down to serve me.

Also, RG had a new haircut. Wasn't able to take a pic of him because he gained a blink ability. Same goes with the Chanemperor, who spent the entire event lusting over the maids.