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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Lowes..and stuff!

Went to Lowes yesterday and bought acrylic sheets for my psypher. I think it will look nice! We also got some LEDs, a wire and a switch. I am glad Robby was here because there were small parts we needed that I had no clue what they were. Heheh. :3 We're both pretty excited about making it. He said he could easily help me make the whole bow but I won't be here long enough I don't think and I don't know HOW I would transport it to CA. XD

I haven't done any sewing yet but there is a sewing machine here. I need to find some nice scissors and work on my stuff a little. Right now Robby is working on his car so I'm just inside on the laptop. It's kind of cool outside so I think I'll put on a sweater. Who knew it could get cold here? :P

OH! I also need to take a pic of my Mercedes shirt soon so I can show progress =P

But ya. Going to go now. I feel better, but uhhh I am so busy here. D: I also want to visit my friend Catz, who cosplays too. I only know her online but she lives here in the city. :D