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Monday, February 8, 2010

Re: hey cutie hope to c u at san-japan it will

...Rofl. You're probably wondering what's up with the title. Well it was what I first read when I checked my messages on Some guy saw I was moving to TX eventually and decided to "hit me up" on there. It was just him asking if I was going to San Japan (A 3 day con in San Antonio, TX)..and that I'm from CA for "no wonder im a cutie" >.>; I was like "Uhh..heheh. Yeah, I will be going with my fiance :D" Heheheeeee..........~ But yeah, I don't mind getting compliments but saying "ur a cutie, i'd love to meet up with you" is not what I want to hear...and I'm not available XP

Anyway! Asiiiide from that. Hello! I am in TX right now. I've been busy and not been online much (obviously). Not much has happened cosplay wise. The day or so before I left I made the blouse part to Agitha's dress...and then while I've been here Robby bought some parts for my psypher(sp?) for my Mercede's crossbow~ Today we're going to buy the plexiglass that we'll be using to cut into the diamond shape and then add a small hole to slip the LEDs in. :] I'm really excited about this...I'm glad Robby wants to help. He's even taking me to this Asian Culture festival on the 20th and then Mizumi-con in the 27th. It's a small con and I have no costume..buuuut it'll still be fun being with Robby and checking out the little event.

....blegh, I'm kind of sick today but I want to feel better so we can go to Home Depot and Wal-Mart soon. ;(

How is everyone...? Sorry I haven't been able to reply to comments....I will soon.