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Today Cosplay

Sunday, February 21, 2010


Okay so on Saturday I went cosplay shopping for my fabric(fanime). I got all the fabric for one of my coslpays and I also got a (VERY EXPENSIVE) undergarment that I needed. I know I could have found a cheaper one, but its not like im only using it for one cosplay and then thronging it away!.............I felt very uncomfortable in that be honest I feel uncomfortable in any underwear store so I was like.......terrified in that place (Victoria secret btw) anywho......we also went to lows and Red Robbins (YUMMMMM). after that we went back to Keika's and chilled there for a while. it was FUN! we talked about or skit and many other things. I had to go home though, so we got on MSN and talked for a while. that was even more fun! at the moment we are talking about trying to get more people (mainly guys) to do a group cosplay with us so we will have like ALL OF THE CHARACTERS! a few are quit girly but you know. We have 9 people in our group and EVERYONE is doing a cosplay from this particular video game so its gonna be epic! we dont NEED more people.....but we WANT them lol! I also hope the Robbie ends up cosplaying with us as well. She would make a hardcore Alice and I hope she really thinks about it. I also hope we weren't pressuring her to much.....oh well anywho you people most likely have no idea what im talking about but yeah I'll post progress ASAP!!!! bye bye peoples!