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Saturday, February 6, 2010

PinoyCosplay Presents Mike03

Another week for us to give a moment of fame to those cosplayers who are needing them. Anyways... Lets just cut to the chase and start the program.

This week we would be featuring another special someone. A hero... Or a villain... Straight out of the comics and your history books. None other than Mike03

Mike03 is the grandchild of Adolf Hitler's non famous brother, Mike Hitler.

At times he looks like a normal non Hitler person. But his Hitler genes still get the best of him. And at times he does things that Hitler do. (pic below show him pointing a knife at an innocent girl) After this act he murdered her.

He discovered about cosplay events and decided to spread Nazism in cosplay conventions.

These acts got him arrested and he was sent to prison.

There he met his the girl of his dreams, Cruela de Ville. (did I spell it right?)

He spent the happiest days of his life in prison. But his happy days didn't last. Mike03 is still a minor so he got released. Wanting to go back to prison, he decided to rob a magazine store. And there he met SpiderMan. But instead of getting him in prison. SpiderMan taught him how to be a hero.

Mike03 got bitten by a radioactive angel and he turned into this.

Because of the angelic bite, he became a good person and fought villains.
He became such a good guy, he even had time to pose for the photographers while fighting crime.

You guys may think that he's dating that girl, but no... He's not. That girl is Abundo's girl. (Not Cyclops') and since he is a good guy he forgot about Cruela. After flying high and fighthing crime.
Mike03 goes home to the one he loves.

His one and only lover. This mime.

There is no need for me to explain deeper about their love affair. And so... We shall end this week's program about a really nice guy who is the seed of Hitler. And since it is the month of love. Here is a random cosplayer to show you guys her love.
Ippen Shinde Miru!

That is all the time we have for this week. Sorry I was late for this week's entry. I was babysitting my sister while working with this. Anyways... Tune in again next week to see who shall be featured in PinoyCosplay's Hall of Shame.