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Monday, February 15, 2010

Thank you President's Day!

I finally got to go to JoAnn's and what's even better is they were having a sale on some of the fabrics, so I bought some cotton for the green parts of my Mercede's costume for like $2 a yard! I got like 8 bucks worth of that..and then I got 1 yard of off-white stretchy fabric($8/yard) for the midsection of my costume..actually more than a yard, but the total was like $18 all together with tax. I hate stupid tax! -_-; but whateverrrr.....I'm happy I have the material, and all the needed stuff for my psypher to glow red. :]

We also found a Japanese grocery store. It was cute and looked new. I got some Ramune, Hi-Chew and an off-brand box of "pocky". The lady working there was pretty and seemed pretty happy to have us in her store. She had her hair dyed and contacts...I think she was trying to be more American. I wonder why though, the Japanese are already pretty to meeee.. *~* Anyway! I liked the store! I want to get a job soon so I can buy my own stuff to make Japanese food or something. They had lots of neat ingredients. I have some applications I picked up...but I don't know. I'm thinking I might try and find something closer here, and temporary since I will be going back to CA.