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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Internet..don't leave me again!

My mommy in law to be didn't pay for the internets for a few days so I was without it..


There's internet again though! (Duh, that's why you're on, Sheik-chan!)
Okay so I went to Mizuumicon today right? Robby's first con my 7th one.
It was okay. Pretty small but still okay. I just wish I had a costume!

People walked around and I was treated normally.
IT KILLED ME INSIDE...just a little anyway.(T_T);

lol. I'm so use to being in this elaborate costume so it was weird but
I did get asked for a picture like..2 times =P

Robby bought me a wig!
It was a party wig, but actually not that bad!
I was happy.
He wanted me to wear something since he saw
how sad I was when I knew there was a con but had no outfit.

I'm a braaaat, I know.

Oh anyway! I will upload a video later. I forgot to take pics to there's like
3? lol.

^~^; Oh and Robby thinks I could use some sort of wood for my Mercedes crossbow
He wants to help me work on it while I'm here then ship back pieces to CA.
I don't know if we will but we'll see.

I won't be home until like March 17th or so. =/
Gotta find a cheap ticket now for when I do go home.