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Today Cosplay

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Por que?! XDDDDD

So Robby has been saying, "I could be this guy, or this guy.." and what I'm talking about is COSPLAY!! He might be joking, I don't know...but the thing is...he chooses animes I don't like ;__; Like Bleach and YuYuHakusho! T-T; He's saying he would want to cosplay Renji or some other guy from Bleach, and um...Yusuke from YYH. I don't know about Yusuke, cause he looks short and stuff and I hate YYH XD...but meh. Cosplay is about fun, so if he had fun cosplaying them I would just be happy for him!

Anyyyywaaay, when the weather gets better we'll work on my weapon for Mercedes. I also need to check out that sewing machine his Nonna has. Hmm...(o.o)

Oh and I haven't found a JoAnn's yet, but I'm pretty sure they have one here or something. I'll ask my friend, Catz.

^~^; I sure am hungry right now.