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Saturday, February 13, 2010


No JoAnn's today.. Oh well! Went to Ross and Wal-Mart. Didn't buy anything though, just followed Robby's sister around as she bought Valentine's stuff for her kids.

I haven't been doing anything but following Robby around and stuff. Eventually I will have to work on my cosplay stuff. I need more money though, so I'm lookin' into getting a job while I'm here. Probably like a house keeping kind of thing. I'd prefer that over a stupid food job. UGH. It makes me sick thinking of a fast food job. ;[

Sooo, I haven't been able to do any videos either for my cosplay youtube, which SUCKS! I really want the Mino FlipHD. It's smaller than the Flip Ultra, but the quality is the same as the Flip UltraHD! I'm more concerned about quality, more than the size of the screen... IF I have nice money though I may just get the FLip UltraHD!! XD Heheheee. I want that AND a dress form. Then I will be a happy camper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! n____________________n baby is playing with his new PS3. I am happy for him. He isn't a huge addict for games, he plays for a while then does other I am fine with it. We both have our own stuff we like to do (I like games but I love the internet too..xD)

Alright and since Amber posted her thing for 2010, I felt the need to put mine too!! Well, what I have planned so far O___O!

AOD already passed - Ayame Sohma

I dunno T-T I don't think I'll be able to wear ANYTHING. I will just go as a crazy otaku..and take pics!! XD FAIL.

This is a very popular con held from April 2nd-4th. So if I'm still here, I plan on going to it!! I will get to meet my Texan cosplay friends! What I will wear? I don't know. If I Have money by then WHICH I SHOULD (if I get a job) I will probably do my Gijinka one:


(A small 1 day con in Fresno, CA this June!)
I think we'll be going in our Odin Sphere costumes or pokemon Gijinka! D:

San Japan:
Probably won't be here for it..oh well =/

I hope I can go to this oneee!!!!!!!!! It will be in Dallas, August or September, I forget. o.o I think I want to wear my Princess Agitha one to it and possibly:

Superbi Squalo~!!

So yeah, that's all I can think of for now...
Things might change. I don't know. We'll see!! n__n