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Sunday, February 21, 2010

My Friends.

I love them. I miss them. I hope they aren't having too much fun without me! I know, I know "So then just go back...". "It's not that easy right now, aside from needing to buy a plane ticket ahead of time (for it to be cheaper), I also don't want to leave Robby either. I'm really having a nice time getting to know him even MORE and spending lots of time with him in a living kind of environment. It's a good thing for me to be here to really see if I could stand living with him. So far there have only been some little things I see myself not liking, and they're stupid things like...he says "Really?" All sarcastically A LOT to bad drivers and his games, but it's better than him just cussing stuff out (cause that would REALLY irritate me.) He also has certain ways of doing things, but I've learned to just share how I do it and then we just do whatever seems more convenient. The great thing is, is that he's really good at making up for things he has done..that has hurt/upset me. I like making up too, I can't hold grudges against anyone for that long! He doesn't call me mean names either, the most he'll say is I'm being mean or bratty lol. Which I tend to be sometimes T___T;

Anyway...Reading some of the stuff my friends have posted lately has made me really miss them so I figured I'd put it in here. I'm talking about my cosplay group friends. I love them! Even if we don't ALWAYS agree on things or certain cosplay suggestions we're a pretty interesting group and everyone does sincerely care about each other. :] It really is a family! lol

I will be very happy to see them and all their awesome progress when I get back next month! :]