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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sew, sew, sew..

Did more sewing and worked on my psypher today! Got the top 4 triangles done for the diamond-like object...and tomorrow we'll probably work on it some more. I do plan on taking some pictures tomorrow of what progress I have done so I will show you then.

Till then..I'm SUPER excited for Fanime. I can't believe we have like 2 months & 24 days left! Our Odin Sphere group is going to be so amazing. I'm so happy! D: We'll have...

-Queen Elfaria
-NPC's....(People who sell you things...)xD

Oh and.........Robby helped me buy the wig. OH MY GOSH. He's too sweet, seriously? He helped me with my prop AND helped me afford the wig? @_@;;; Definitely a keeper....ughh I love him so much, he supports my most loved hobby ever.. !!