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Today Cosplay

Thursday, March 18, 2010

2 things KIND OF not related to cosplay! but cool

Okay so i finally have an banking account. so i don't have to bug my friends to buy me things online (for cosplay)YAY!!!!!! that and i got my permit i know, i know i should have had it buy like At LEAST 17 but i always wait till the last min. anywho just wanted to share that with you guys! sorry i haven't had any progress lately. i have had SAT's and ACT's and binders to turn in and interviews :( yeah all that senior year stuff soooooooooo I'll be bustin my butt to finish in time for fanime. ( I'll force my friends to help me muah hahahahahahahhah) no but actually they always help me. :) i don't think iv don anything with out there help yet lol. THANK YOU GUYS! anywho i g2g! bye bye peoples!