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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Her First Meeting Went Well

This is my first time posting here to share with you the experience I lived.

We are a couple in our late thirties.

It's been a long story since I talked with my wife about having an experience with another man. We have been married for over 16 years and she has never done it with another man. It all started with light talking about the subject and slowly getting her at ease with the idea.

I started to get her response by putting an ad in the local swinger site. We received a lot of feedback but it didn’t get her going. We started with a couple of candidates, starting with a couple of pictures sharing but it didn't go over. A year later I reposted a second add and the same process went by except that by this time we started going a little bit further and I introduced her to webcam sex. It was an instant success. It really got her going, masturbating for a couple of guys. This has gone for quite some time until I mentioned to her the possibility of actually going a little bit further. She started chatting and getting used to a particular guy that she found attractive.

As time went by I convinced her to try an actual meeting. She only agreed in the condition that nothing was supposed to happen, at least for the first time. We decided to meet this handsome young black guy in a local bar, something public so that she wouldn’t feel pressured.

When the day came things started well and after a couple of drinks my wife started to feel relaxed and things got going to the point that she was no longer nervous. We ended the night going to the movies. The tension was really unbelievable and apart from occasional glances nothing really happened as it was her wish. This first physical contact really put her at ease and the tides were finally going my way. A month went by with some more msn sessions until she agreed for a second date. For this date she agreed to try something more.

The day before the scheduled meeting she came up with an idea. I was supposed to be her friend and her young man was to be her date. I was surprised by her idea and at first hesitated but after a while I kind of started thinking that this idea was actually very exciting. I shared her thoughts with the young guy and he was immediately responsive to the proposed scene.

Well, the day came by and we went into a more private and cozy bar and after a couple of vodkas she was really in the mood with her new boyfriend and me as “a friend”. Things started to spice up and by the second drink they were touching hands and feeling at ease with each other. She told me afterwards that she was getting really wet and I had an instant hard on inside my pants. At some time she asked him if he was hard and I asked her to check it out. To my amazement she did feel him up all the way.

More laughter and giggles and things went on until she decided it was ok for this night. We went by to the car and as a friend I guided her to the rear seats where she entered with him. As they touch down, I wasn’t even in the car and they were already making out. I almost fainted at this moment. There was my pretty wife with this guy kissing him passionately. As she was in the control of the situation and didn't wanted to go all the way, I drove back to his house, really slowly and tried to look trough the rear mirror what was going on.

It was a real deception to me because as I was driving I could not appreciate the details of the dark rear seat. I just happened to see a couple of kisses and hugs as we went on. It was really frustrating to me. I was horny has hell just with the thought and at the same time super jealous for not being able to be with her as well.
I thought that nothing really happened but she told me that things went pretty hot with this guy going for her and she felt him pretty good. The day after I checked with the dude and he told me that she was really hot and going for it.

We finally reached his destination and he went away but not without kissing her good night.

After that episode I arrived home and fucked the shit out of her with my raging hard on. It was really exiting but at the same time frustrating because I really could not enjoy the moment has I had imagined by being at the drivers seat.

I hope you enjoyed my experience, I sure did and I’m eager to tell you about our next meeting. The best is yet to come; at least I hope so in the next meeting. - TG