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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

GamerTotoy Final Soapbox?

It has been exactly a year since "Top 7 Reasons Why Cosplayers Are Pathetic" hit the net and enraged an unprecedented number of dress-up freaks with the unspoken truths it relentlessly exclaimed to the hypocritical public. Whiny bitches cried foul over an article that merely offered hard-hitting critique unabated by foolhardy contention. Delusional idiots said, "No, you are full of crap! Lies! Uncouth tall tale!" Deep inside, they were hurting. Reality has come to them, and boy was it scathingly harsh.

What GamerTotoy was trying to do, people asked. Did he hate the cosplay community so that he calls them horrible performers, socially retarded, and sexually awkward? Was there a motive behind pointing out the flaws of a pervert ridden, child molesting, brain meltingly dumb crowd?

After a long period of absence from this blog, I have come to answer the lingering questions and perhaps enlighten your struggling souls. You cretins better be thankful.

It all started when I met a certain cosplayer. She was the oddest thing I've ever encountered. Things happened, and in the end, she had to leave the convoluted cosplay world. Then I had the craziest idea. "Okay, I'll clean it up so you'd have something nice to come back to!"

And so right before April Fools' like a prank that rocked the entire neighborhood, GT's wrath dawned on the hapless cosplaying 'tards. The first anti-cosplay diatribe launched, and within minutes garnered hate and resentment from hundreds of unsuspecting closet nerds and attention whores. What GT originally thought to be a tedious process banged at his doorstep like an angry mob of crybabies with milk bottles as pitchforks. Like a one-trick pony, the puny little blog post launched GT to stardom overnight.

After that, as they say, the rest is history. The grueling fight against nasty looking camwhores, evil scheming dirty old men, sneaky perv photographer bastards and politicking prima donna bitches kicked off and placed GT at the helm as the vanguard of cosplay purists in dire need of a better cosplay community.

Behind the blogging activities, I met a lot of interesting personalities tightly knitted to cosplay. I can't indulge the details here, but suffice to say it has been the longest year of my life so far and I've learned to never mess with girls who are into dressing up ever again.

Now, as you may have noticed, I am no longer able to keep this place as active as it used to be. It's not about lacking ideas in what to do next as much as it is about the absence of motivation. The girl I wanted to fix the cosplay world for is at a safe distance away from the shit hole with no indications of coming back. There is no longer a reason for me to vouch for a safer, smarter, more competent, less retarded and perv-free cosplay populace.

If you want GT and his crew to stay and provide you guys with a fun place to visit whenever you're in the mood for good 'ol cosplay scum shaming and bashing, give us a damn good reason to. Otherwise, we're off to greener pastures as we have bigger projects in the works that will achieve far greater than what Pinoy Cosplay has in its heyday.