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Today Cosplay

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Psypher stuff!

Alright, so the pieces for my psypher are all cut out but nothing is put together. Robby and I figured it would be much easier if I just took them back and then glued everything together whenever I got home. Unfortunately it was taking a little longer than he thought to fix together all the LED stuff so he's sending that part to me in the mail when he finishes it. We had lots of fun and didn't get as much cosplay done as we said we would but whatever...there's still some time!

I'll be going home tomorrow. I'm anxious about it but I'm sad because I have to leave Robby... (._____.) I have an ugly feeling inside just thinking of how I can't wake up and see his handsome face every morning. I'll miss him...but I know once we're both not busy again we will be together.. I know we can get married and then just be together but I don't want to do that. I can't even afford a wedding, so what makes me think I can handle a marriage? No job. No nothin'! I need money...rawr. I should put this in my personal blog. T___T Sorry. I'll stop now.

Ja ne.