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Sunday, March 7, 2010

More Food on my Cosplay Plate?

I know, I know...I have a lot on my plate right? Wrong. D: There's still a third day that I'd like to have a cosplay for..or I could wear one twice but I like having a new one for everyday! I'm thinking I could still possibly make my Pokemon Gijinka cosplay, like some of my friends plan on doing. At least, I think they're still doing...

There's also another character I might cosplay as because Robby's mom gave me some fabric that I could possibly use. ;D! I haven't told anyone about this nor have I given much hint towards it so we'll see.

On ANOTHER note I have a green wig now so I'm thinking I could totally do a Saria cosplay! ^~^ All I would need to make is like a vest-ish top, shorts and then wear a dark green sweater underneath and add like a green boot cover to some cheap boots. My wig might not be THAT accurate but a lot of girls have done different tones of green because its dark in the artwork and like a brighter green in the actual game.

For Leafeon...I could either copy the exact design from the artwork I've chosen or just kind of do my own thing because Pokemon Gijinka is just a human form of Pokemon so you can do your own thing really! :3

But yah...I'z crazy, I know... but I can't help making more cosplays!!!lol