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Today Cosplay

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

....Hmm? Love you say..?

I love my fiance. He's so handsome. I love to look at him.
It's been really nice spending so much time with him now
that he isn't in the navy. He treats me with so much love and respect.
I often feel I don't deserve him, but sometimes I do...
because I love him so much and have been so faithful.

Ah...that really has nothing to do with cosplay and I suppose I should write that
in my other blog but whatever! I do what I want.

He has helped me with my cosplay and supports the hobby I love most.
I'm so lucky *~* I hope he soon begins to cosplay with me too.

THAT would be freakin' hardcore on a stick.

Indeed I say, indeed.

Tomorrow I finish my secret cosplay. I started on it yesterday, worked on it
some today. Tomorrow I will finish all I can sew and POSSIBLY post a photo.
Hehehehe. This will be fun. ^~^; I just wish I had the socks, shoes and wig
she wears (well not wig but her hair). That's all at home in CA.
K. I think I'm done.