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Wednesday, March 24, 2010


That's my name, don't wear it out!

Okay. So maybe only to my close friends in "rl" and online
am I known as Sheik but whatever! That's all that matters
to me!

SoOOoOOooo.....we all know this, now why am I telling you?

I haven't actually COSPLAYED her! (Yes, I see Sheik as a female because she is Zelda..oops..spoiler..Seriously though, if you haven't beaten OOT you're :[)

Most of you know I cosplayed my own version of a dark sheik. (before I even knew of the SSBBrawl version...)

But now I've realised... I NEED to do the original version:
(Okay, I know this is a chibi drawing but it was too cute to pass up!)

I am going to set a goal to finish this costume by the end of the year. The only reason why it might take a while is because I might not have the money for the body suit. They tend to cost around $ we'll see!

^___________^ Can't wait!