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Friday, November 19, 2010

PinoyCosplay Hall of Shame OG

Ayamiko Rei has always been a reject who stays in the streets and sniffs on bottles of rugby. One day, while searching for food in the garbage dump site she met a magical teddy bear (at least that is what she told us, she must be on drugs then) who raped her, shaved her head and gave her a blonde wig.Unfortunately she survived the incident and this caused a major brain damage to her. She turned into an even more pathetic excuse for a human being by wearing the blonde wig and actually thinking she's Cagalli from the Gundam Seed series.Things didn't stop there. She wanted more. Thinking that she's as hot as the real Cagalli she decided to be a webcam stripper at night. Earning some cash to provide for her costumes.
Additional info about her? Well... Other than thinking she's Japanese, which is common for most cosplayers... Nothing else worth mentioning aside from her having a sexual fetish for stuffed animals.

(Originally posted by Cosplaying God)