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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

GamerTotoy Soapbox: On the queen of no dominion

Abundumb is usually too retarded to pay attention to. He always makes less sense than delusional doomsayers. I'll be doing this one for old time's sake.


People who complain about Filipina cosplay queen Alodia Gosiengfiao going "showbiz" forget that "showbiz" is just a loaded word for "the entertainment industry". Cosplay is a performance art. It is *part* of the entertainment industry.

No, I am pretty sure they complain because they feel deceived and violated. No matter how you look at it, Alodia's rise to fame can only be attributed to how she took a huge dump on cosplay, gained recognition for it, then moved on to greener pasture.

Cosplay is a performance art only to insecure and opportunistic attention whores. Otherwise, it is supposed to be a very intimate affair between a person and the character he or she chooses to portray.

Cosplay is as part of the entertainment industry just as much as showbiz is part of news and public affairs programs. It's a complete misfit, and it's not supposed to be an industry in the first place. Only the profiteering con artists (e.g. props makers who charge 10 times more than they should, online scammers, convention organizers) think of cosplay as business.

Cosplay is a performance art. Any performance experience will help Alodia hone her craft -- even if that experience comes from mainstream showbiz.

Alodia's been modeling, hosting, and doing all sorts of rackets but she's still nothing more than a bimbo with enough money and time to invest in looking good. It has been years since she started gaining followers, but when was she ever considered a good cosplayer?

If any performance experience will help her, maybe she should try porn. Enter the porn industry, become a better cosplayer. Makes sense.