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Saturday, November 27, 2010

IreneCullen on Noel Foreskin Erskine

There are many fucktards online. Usually we have GamerTotoy and his cronies. Those fucktards are running rampant in their disgusting blog. But this time another perverted fucktard is born.

Erskine Noel (aka Foreskin)

Look at him, he is an attention whore.
And don't forget retarded.
He is a dangerous man who loves violence.
And the censors and his tongue. Sounds like a creepy pervert to me.
What idiot would want a pic with a watermelon?
And for an old man. He sure dresses in an immature way.

Noel is a pervert and a stalker. He is an STD to the cosplay community. He is not destructive like the tumor GamerTotoy and his cronies. But this guy is a scum and a coward. He posts in GamerTotoy's blog using the name Irene Cullen. He is using MY NAME! How dare he! That fucktard is probably working with GamerTotoy to boost the ratings of his blog. Could there be a conspiracy? I will ask my friends about him. Too bad I am out of the Philippines so I can't help my beloved cosplay community. Noel should be taken down. If he is not working with GamerTotoy then it is still a good thing because he is a creepy old stalker. If he is with GamerTotoy then it is still a good thing because he is a creepy old stalker crony of GamerTotoy. This fucktard should go down at all cost. He is a shame to both cronies of GamerTotoy and GamerTotoy hunters.

Please spread this blog entry to ensure the safety of the cosplay community.

(Taken from IreneCullen's blog without permission.)