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Today Cosplay

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

It only looks complicated as a whole..

But if you take it on piece by piece, it's not so hard. ----
This is how I take in challenging costumes on my own. I may not be as experienced as I want, but the only way to get experienced is to experience right?

I'm really excited about my Rikku costume. The trainer dressphere is not cosplayed enough. Then again I always love cosplaying costumes that aren't as cosplayed much. Hehe. Anyway, I'm taking the costume slowly and I admit I get lazy. BUT I do have almost all the fabric I'll need for it. Almost. I need to buy some RIT dye though for some of it. Rikku has this thing about her costumes where she has a lot of pieces that fade from yellow to orange.... ah well.

If you're wondering about my Sheik costume... I've kind of put her on hold. I haven't found any fabric that will work with the dark blue I got at Wal-mart so I might need to buy some at JoAnn's and just start over! Fun stuff, but it's worth it. I want Sheik to come out as well as I can make it on the first or second


Sorry for my lack of posting. I've been caught up with other things since Robby has been here. I don't spend a lot of online time as I use to.