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Friday, September 17, 2010

Soul Eater Maka Albarn Snake

Maka recovers from her condition and is seen in Stein's class as he is about to start a lesson. The group discuss on how Black Star had been picking a lot of fights recently with the other students. However, Stein, much to evryone's shock, throws a scalpel in their direction and tells them to focus on the lesson. Black Star arrives late and is told to stand outside for the time being. The lesson is about Duel Art and he plans to teach the class by using Black Star, Maka and Soul, and Ox and Harvar to work together to fight against himself. As Black Star is told to re-enter the classroom, Maka wonders why he is so out of breath (he had been training whilst outside). During the battle, Black Star is subject to many accidental assaults by both Ox and Maka, with Ox accounting for the lion's share of the assaults. Maka ends up being electrocuted by Ox's Lightning King along with Black Star and then watches the angered Black Star challenge and defeat Ox for his actions. She comments that this adds to the number of battles won by Black Star in a row, and Black Star tells her not to include Ox in his total. Overall, the lesson is a failure.