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Monday, September 20, 2010

Soul Eater Maka Albarn Part in the Story

Reunion Express
Maka is seen at a party with all her other friends thrown in celebration for her recovery. She comforts Crona with everyone else, who is still getting used to having people around him/her. When Maka asks Soul to play the piano, he refuses and goes to the bathroom. When Liz asks what kind of songs he plays, Maka replies that Soul plays really dark and strange songs.
When the party ends, the group splits up.

The Corner of The Room
The group again try to make Soul play the piano for them. Their efforts still remain fruitless. Soul tells everyone that his songs are not worth listening too. Maka objects, telling him that she had liked the song Soul had played for her once. Soul, frustrated for some reason, tells her that she only likes his music because of her low Musical IQ. Maka defends her love of trance fusion music, which is immediately made fun of by the others. She attempts to bring Crona into the conversation, but he/she quickly retreats and excuses him/herself. Maka wonders on his/her strange behaviour.

Legend of the Holy Sword
Maka only briefly appears in this special chapter alongside Soul. Witnessing Hiro being bullied around by the other students, she sympathetically comments that Hiro would have been more popular if he went to a normal school, since he is too shabby here at the DWMA.