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Today Cosplay

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

;__; Oh wow.

I haven't written in this blog for like 24 days! Uaaagh. I wrote in my personal blog yesterday but it had been a while since I had written in that one too. A lot of happened since I got my job. Personal stuff and some cosplay progress.

I think I'll stick to sharing the cosplay progress right now...

I worked on my Luxray costume and it's like..70% completed! I'm still unsure of what wig I will use. I don't want to get a new one just for it so I might borrow a friends black wig, three of my friends have I'll see once I'm finished with the costume.

I also worked on Fado, but the whole costume makes me mad. I don't like dealing with makes me mad, the sight of it angers me! Okay, not angers..but I get irritated. :[ In anycase, I have tons of costumes I want done and now with the job..I have no excuse! I need to work on stuff, I just get lazy and hardly feel motivated at all. .__.; I also miss someone very special and I don't know when I'll hear from them.Bleh.p00p.....