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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Alodia "plays" Starcraft II?

Ok, this is downright insulting. Does she think even bronze league has a place for brainless fuckmeat? If there was shittier than shit tier then maybe, just maybe, she can play on

Also, how dumb can her fans get? No, the game isn't in beta anymore and you're not gonna fucking get your rocks off if you play against your goddess who probably doesn't even know how to hotkey. No matter how much you beg and act familiar by asking what her favorite race is (if she's honest she'd answer "the one with most minerals"), you'll never get to play with her unless you can give her big time publicity for it.

I dare you to look at these ridiculous comments.

"try to fight with me.. :)"


"^ you crazy ass motherfucker! alodia is not a hot chick! she's a goddess!"

"nice.!! let us play starcraft one time!!"

"ganda m talaga>>> ;)"

"alodia try this: play as zerg, against 1 enemy, and try to zergling rush within less than 10 mins. haha" (Fuck, what kinda rush would even get close to 10 minutes?!)

I bet you're cute when you're playing Starcraft II"

"miss Alodia you should try challenging some Korean StarCraft players ~heheh!!! XD" (I am sure she would rather try some Korean angry dragon.)

"add kita alodia ha laro tayo"

"wow....^■^ you must be so good at that....i only have a little experience in that star craft...cuz i more like the Frozen Throne,...i love you alodia....^_^ you are so cute and has a kissable lips...:D"

"perfect goddess cosplayer+looksgood+playswarcraft=alodia"