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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

专业玩家 New Kids On The Block Part 1

Much thanks to maria for recording and uploading!!! Cosplay was featured as an avid teenage hobby on local TV.

Cosplayer in focus this episode; Inuran, Shiki and someoneidunno=x .

*Edit: The len cosplayer is nightxx and our favourite mecha cosplayer, Clive also appeared in this documentary ^^ Thanks to all who left a comment to notify me =)

Maria and I were watching it together last night on its first run and had so much fun giggling at the erm......sorry to say , cheesiness of it all. The documentary/programme itself is fine. But seeing your friends act 'Japanese' in front of your screen is seriously LOLing material xD

But, kudos to all the cosplayer for looking so good on screen and being so cooperative with the filming crew. Yes, I know some parts (if not all) are scripted and giggle inducing but you guys beared with it anyway. Hahaa. Enjoy!